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The Greek Group of Fracture (GGF) was founded in May 2002. It is a no-profit organization registered in Xanthi, Greece. Its scope is basically to promote research among Greek scientists and engineers working in universities, government agencies, industries and national laboratories in the area of structural integrity and failure prevention. To achieve this goal GGF is in collaboration with international societies, like the International Congress on Fracture, etc.

The first tentative Council of GGF is as follows:

President: Professor Emmanuel Gdoutos

Vice President: Dr. George Papadopoulos
Secretary: Dr. Dimitrios Zacharopoulos

Treasurer: Dr. Nikolaos Andrianopoulos

Member: Dr. Vassilios Kostopoulos

The founding members of the GGF are:

1. Dr. N. Andrianopoulos

16. Professor A. Liolios

  • 2. Dr. C. Galiotis
  • 17. Dr. Z. Marioli-Riga

  • 3. Professor E.E. Gdoutos
  • 18. Dr. M. Matsikoudi-Iliopoulou

  • 4. Professor Ch. Georgiadis
  • 19. Dr. D. Bartzokas

  • 5. Dr. V. Douka
  • 20. Dr. D. Pazis

  • 6. Dr. D. Zacharopoulos
  • 21. Professor S.A. Paipetis

  • 7. Dr. E. Theotokoglou
  • 22. Professor S. Pantelakis

  • 8. Dr. C. Thireos
  • 23. Dr. G. Papadopoulos

  • 9. Professor N. Ioakimidis
  • 24. Dr. G. Papakaliatakis

    10. Dr. G. Kanterakis

    25. Dr. S. Papargiri

    11. Dr. D. Karalekas

    26. Dr. J. Prassianakis

    12. Professor Th. Kermanidis

    27. Dr. D. Saravanos

    13. Dr. S. Kourkoulis

    28. Dr. C. Spyropoulos

    14. Dr. M. Konsta

    29. Dr. G. Tsamasphyros

    15. Dr.. V. Kostopoulos

    30. Dr. N. Hatzirtifon