ICF ExCo Meeting, May 21, 2015 Print E-mail

(1) Next Meeting: The next ICF ExCo meeting is planned for 2.00 -5.00 pm, Thursday May 21 2015 at the Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, California, USA. This is the same location as the last mid-quadrennium ExCo in May 2011. Appreciations to Ravi Chona for kind facilitations via ASTM (see ICF/ASTM MoU attached). We need to accomplish a quorum of nine or more of the sixteen voting members of ExCo.

(2) Governance: In accord with Statutes, Precedent and the advice of the Secretary-General, quorate decisions of ICF ExCo need to be ratified by ICF Council in Rhodes June 2017. This rather hampers progress and our governance processes need priority discussion on this matter in Anaheim led by Toshimitsu Yokobori - with thereafter ExCo recommendations for Council in Rhodes.

(3) Quadrennium MoU: The process for selection of the host city for each quadrennium conference is now based on an eight year cycle to allow time for the agreement of the Quadrennium MoU. This can be complicated as we discovered in negotiations with TMS on hosting ICF15 - who stated at the outset of actual MoU negotiations after Beijing that TMS required a 15% profit to TMS (based on total quadrennium conference revenue) and thereby discussions could not accomplish agreement. This requires discussion on the MoU guidelines for Quadrennium and Interquadrennium Conferences in Anaheim led by David Taplin - with then ExCo recommendations for Council in Rhodes.

(4) ICF: The World Academy of Structural Integrity: The attached two papers published in IJSFC (Editor Toshimitsu Yokobori) outline the ground explored on this matter and supported by ExCo in Anaheim 2011. There are various possible ways forward on this vision which was led strongly by Alberto Carpinteri and his ExCo during 2009-2013 including issues related to our prestigious Awards. This requires discussion in Anaheim led by Alberto Carpinteri - with then ExCo recommendations for Council in Rhodes.

(5) ICF Website/Newsletter/Publications: Francesco Iacoviello will present a report in this realm www.ICFweb.org and plans forward.

(6) ICF13 Report: Following various discussions and some amendments the ICF13 Report has been accepted by the leading ICF officers and now simply needs approval by ExCo in Anaheim following a presentation by Shouwen Yu and a recommendation accordingly for ICF Council in Rhodes.

(7) ICF14 Report: This is arguably the most important item for discussion by ExCo in Anaheim. The website www.ICF14.org presents the state of play and Emmanuel Gdoutos will outline the detailed plans and progress seeking recommendations from ExCo in Anaheim for Council in Rhodes.

(8) ICF15: Council decided that ICF15 would be in Vancouver, Canada with Ashok Saxena as ICF15 Executive Chair (see ICF Council Minutes attached) who will present his recommendations on ICF15 for discussion within ExCo in Anaheim and for Council in Rhodes.

(9) ICF16: To date we have just one formal proposal for ICF16 in Berlin with Dietmar Klingbeil as the proposed ICF16 Executive Chair who will make the presentation for Germany perhaps in 2024 rather than 2025 for logistical reasons. Other bids may be entertained for ICF16. As customary the decision on ICF16 should be made via secret ballot by Council in Rhodes.

(10) ICF Interquadrennials: These have developed and Mimoun Elboujdaini will present an Interquadrennials Report for discussion by ExCo - and for recommendations to Council for 2017-2021.

(11) ICF Awards & QEP/Japan Prize Nominations: In readiness for ICF14 Alberto Carpinteri will present an Awards Report.

(12) ICF Nominations: In readiness for Council in Rhodes Rob Ritchie will present a Nominations Report.

(13) Regional Developments: Jesus Toribio will present an Iberia Report with additional Regional Reports hopefully from Peter Flewitt (UKFESI), Tong-Yi Zhang (China), Zhiliang Zhang (ESIS), Namrata Gundiah (InSIS), Abdel-Monem El-Batahgy (EgSIS) and others.

(14) Any Other Business.