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Name Symposia

  1. In Honor of David Taplin, by Ashok Saxena
  2. In Honor of G. Barenblatt, by Robert Goldstein, Viggo Tvergaard, Zdenek Bazant
  3. In Memory of Tony Kelly, by Sir Colin Humphreys
  4. In Memory of S. Sedmak, by Aleksandar Sedmak

Themed Symposia/Sessions (by the last name of first organizer)

  1. Fatigue and fracture in aggressive environments: mechanisms and risk assessment, by Robert Akid, Ihor Dmytrakh, Milos Djukic
  2. Fracture in material forming, by Sergei Alexandrov, Kenichi Manabe
  3. Fracture Across Scales, Materials, and Disciplines, by Katerina Aifantis, A. Konstantinidis, V. Papanikolaou, E.C. Aifantis
  4. Mixed mode fracture, by Majid Ayatollahi, Filippo Berto
  5. Megathrust dynamics, by Sylvain Barbot
  6. Fatigue strength/crack propagation with emphasis on load frequency effects, by Jens Bergström
  7. Additive manufacturing (fracture, fatigue, residual stress and micro-structures), by Filippo Berto, Ali Fatemi , Torgeir Welo, Omar Fergani
  8. Local approach to fracture, by J. Besson, Amine Benzerga, Claudio Ruggieri, Andrey Jivkov
  9. Analytical and numerical methods to solve some new problems of fracture mechanics, by Vyacheslav Bogdanov, Roman Kushnir
  10. Diffuse-Interface models of fracture, by Blaise Bourdin, Alain Karma
  11. Crack initiation and void nucleation: mechanisms and predictions in fracture, fatigue, and creep rupture, by Brad Boyce, Thomas Pardeon, Alan Needleman
  12. Fracture of layered materials and componets, by Pietro Cornetti, Vladislav Mantic, Dominique Leguillon, Raul Bermejo
  13. Finite fracture mechanics: theoretical aspects, numerical approaches and experimental applications, by Pietro Cornetti, Vladislav Mantic, Dominique Leguillon, Raul Bermejo
  14. Modeling time-dependent behavior and deterioration of concrete, by Gianluca Cusatis,Mohammed Alnaggar, Roman Wendner, Giovanni Di Luzio
  15. Multiscale Modelling of Damage and Fracture in Composites, by Raj Das, Chun Wang
  16. Fracture Control of Stress Corrosion Cracking/Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking in the Oil & Gas Industry, by Mimoun Elboujdaini, Ming Gao, Bill Tyson, Uday Arumugam
  17. Deformation and fracture of soft and biomaterials, by Horacio Espinosa, Pablo Zavattieri, Yong Zhu
  18. Failure analysis, by Donato Firrao
  19. Mechanical behaviour and damaging micromechanisms in Ductile Cast Irons, by Donato Firrao, Francesco Iacoviello
  20. Fracture of Notched Specimens, by David A. Cendón Franco, Filippo Berto, Sergio Cicero
  21. Fatigue performance of materials and surface enhancement processes, by Yukui Gao, Qingxiang ynag
  22. Fracture and contact in multiphysics problems: from energy to biological applications, by Alessio Gizzi, Marco Paggi, José Reinoso
  23. Pipe-ring specimens for pipe integrity assessment, by Nenad Gubeljak, Marko Rakin, Yury Matvienko
  24. Atomistic and mesoscale aspects of fracture and fatigue, by Peter Gumbsch, Gianpietro Moras
  25. Fatigue behavior of notched specimens/components: advanced criteria and experimental techniques, by Youshi Hong, Filippo Berto
  26. Mixed-mode fracture in beam-like geometries, by A. Ivankovic, Anthony J. Kinloch
  27. Recent Advances in Fatigue and Fracture Analysis, by Nagaraja Iyyer
  28. Fatigue fracture, structural integrity and certification issues for polymer composites and adhesives in industrial applications, by Anthony J. Kinloch, Rhys Jones, Andreas J. Brunner
  29. Fatigue of Composites and Adhesives, by Anthony J. Kinloch
  30. Fracture Nanomechanics, by Takayuki Kitamura, Hiroyuki Hirakata, Jianying He, Takashi Sumigawa
  31. Fracture mechanics in industry, by Dietmar Klingbeil, Uwe Zerbst
  32. 3D Fracture Mechanics, by Andrei Kotousov, Filippo Berto
  33. Integrity assessment of welded structures, by Drazan Kozak
  34. Signal processing and analysis for fracture monitoring, by Giuseppe Lacidogna
  35. Fatigue of advanced materials, by John Lambros, H. Sehitoglu
  36. Interfacial fracture and adhesion, by Bin Liu, Shaohua Chen, Xue Feng
  37. Bone tissue fracture, by Eugenio Giner Maravilla, María Ángeles Pérez Ansón
  38. Sandwich structures, by Liviu Marsavina
  39. Fracture mechanics of wood, by Rostand Moutou Pitti, Frederic Dubois
  40. Mechanics, physics & mechanisms of ductile failure, by R. Narasimhan, K.Ravi Chandar, Shailendra Joshi
  41. Strength and fracture of heterogeneous materials and structures, by Guohua Nie, Linghui He
  42. High temperature fracture mechanics based component life assessment considering: Air and environmentally assisted creep and creep/fatigue and load history effects, by Kamran Nikbin, Catrin Davies, David Dean
  43. Gradient effect and size effect in high cycle fatigue and fracture, by Thierry Palin-Luc, Franck Morel, Nicolas Saintier
  44. Fracture under high rate and impact loading, by Prof. Yuri Petrov, Vadim Silbeschmidt
  45. Constraint and fracture toughness, by Guy Pluvinage, Taoufik Boukharouba
  46. Non-linear and statistical physics in fracture, by Laurent Ponson, Daniel Bonamy
  47. Deformation and failure behavior of bio and soft materials, by Shaoxing Qu, Huajian Gao
  48. ONR Symposium on Marine Composites and Sandwich Structures, by Yapa Rajapakse, Roberta Massabo, Sergio Abrate
  49. Damage and Fracture in Nuclear Fission and Fusion Materials, by Robert O. Ritchie, Filippo Berto
  50. Fracture Mechanics of Concrete, by Gonzalo Ruiz, Héctor Cifuentes, Rena C. Yu, Pilar Ariza
  51. Deformation and fracture of quasi-brittle materials, by Erik Schlangen, Peter Flewitt
  52. Pipe integrity assessment, by Aleksandar Sedmak, Drazan Kozak, Nenad Gubeljak
  53. Damage and fracture in geomechanics, by A.P.S. Selvadurai
  54. Fracture in Biological Materials, by Sandra Shefelbine, Alain Karma
  55. Structure integrity and life analysis, by George Sih
  56. Strain energy density and multiscale fatigue and fracture, by Keke Tang, Filippo Berto
  57. Fracture of Sandwich Structures and Materials, by Efstathios Theotokoglou, Emilio Sideridis
  58. Hydrogen Embrittlement: Past, Present and Future, by Jesús Toribio, Hryhory Nykyforchyn
  59. The mechanics of interface fracture, by Simon Wang & Chris Harvey
  60. Analysis and testing of fracture under multi-axial/biaxial loading conditions, by Xin Wang, Guian Qian
  61. Fatigue, structural integrity and certification issues for aerospace applications, by R.J.H. Wanhill, M. Liao , L. Molent, R. Jones, R.C. Alderliesten
  62. Fracture propagation and arrest of gas pipeline, by Su Xu, Timothy "Dash" Weeks
  63. Every day fracture mechanics – How teach it?, by P. Yasniy, L. Toth
  64. Mechanical strength of graphene and low dimensional materials, by Shouwen Yu, Qunyang Li
  65. Mechanics in energy materials and systems, by Tong-Yi Zhang, Jiangyu Li, Junqian Zhang, Kaiyang Zeng, Sheng Sun
  66. Multiscale fracture of rock, concrete and aggregates, by Zhennan Zhang
  67. Optical techniques and its application to fracture mechanics, by Jianguo Zhu, Qinghua Wang