Registration System - 14th International Conference on Fracture, Rhodes, Greece, June 18-23, 2017

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MONDAY, 19 JUNE 2017 - Morning Session
T2A511:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Zheng Zhong, JORGE LOURENÇO
 11:00-11:40Some Notes On Nonproportional Multiaxial Fatigue
Zheng Zhong, Hao Wu
 11:40-12:00Fatigue Crack Growth Characteristic Of Strength Mismatch Metallic Materials
Ya jun ZHANG
 12:00-12:20Quantitative Fractography Markers For Predicting Fatigue Crack Growth On Laser Cladded Aermet®100
Kevin Walker, JORGE LOURENCO, Stephen Sun, Milan Brandt, Chun Wang
 12:20-12:40Mechanical Properties Of Two Different Pearlitic Steels For Railroad Application
Leonardo Godefroid, Geraldo Faria, Luiz Cláudio Cândido, Renata Santos, Tamara Vilela
Akid11:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Robert Akid, Ihor Dmytrakh, Milos Djukic
 11:00-11:20Modelling The Early Stages Of Corrosion Fatigue
Robert Akid
 11:20-11:40Implications Of Hydride-induced Embrittlement On Structural Integrity Analysis
 11:40-12:00Hotpits: The Darwin Approach To Assessing Risk Of Hot Corrosion-induced Fracture In Gas Turbine Components
Kwai Chan, Michael Enright, Jonathan Moody, Colin Thomas, Andrew Fast
 12:00-12:20Fracture Assessment Of Hydrogen Assisted Cracking In Nickel Alloys Using Fracture Surface Topography Analysis (frasta)
Dhinakaran Sampath, Robert Akid
 12:20-12:40Mitigation Of Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking In Al-mg By Electrochemical Potential Control
Matthew McMahon, John Scully, James Burns
TAPLIN11:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Ashok Saxena
 11:00-11:20Introduction And Opening Remarks
E. Gdoutos, Robert O. Ritchie
 11:20-11:40From Sintering To Fracture: A Short History Of Holes
David Wilkinson
 11:40-12:00Comparison Of Grain Size And Strain Rate Influences On Higher Temperature Metal Strength And Fracturing Properties
Ronald Armstrong
 12:00-12:20Nano-scale Fracture Phenomena And Terahertz Pressure Waves As The Fundamental Reasons For Geochemical Evolution
Alberto Carpinteri
 12:20-12:40Erosion Wear Of Blast Joint Under Y-tool Bypass In A Water Well
Abdel-Monem El-Batahgy, Mohamed AbdelAty
Barbot11:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Sylvain Barbot
 11:40-12:40Source Model And Broadband Ground Shaking Simulation Of The 2015 Gorkha (nepal) Earthquake Sequence
Shengji Wei, Meng Chen, Xin Wang, Rob Graves, Eric Lindsey, Teng Wang, Cagil Karakas, Don Helmberger
T2C411:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Martin Kroon, Dinghe Li
 11:00-11:20A Novel Micro Method For Composite Damages
Dinghe Li
 11:20-11:40Experimental Measurement Of Energy Release Rate In Polyethylene
Martin Kroon, Eskil Andreasson, Paer Olsson
 11:40-12:00Damage Accumulation In Braided Textile Composites Under Multiple Impacts: Experimental And Numerical Studies
Chen Wang, Anish Roy, Vadim Silberschmidt, Zhong Chen
 12:00-12:20Gradients Of Void Volume Fraction And Void Morphology In Pa6: Experimental Characterization And Finite Element Modelling
 12:20-12:40The Mechanical Properties And Toughening Mechanisms Of Tailored Epoxy Based Hybrid Nanocomposites
Ankur Bajpai, Bernd Wetzel
Espinosa11:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Horacio Espinosa, Pablo Zavattieri, Yong Zhu
 11:00-11:20Tuning The Surface Morphology And Multifunctionality Of Large-area Monolayer Mos2 On A Soft Substrate
Yong Zhu, Alper Gurarslan
 11:20-11:40Micro- And Nano-technologies For Bioloigcal Studies Of Adherent Cells – Delivery And Analysis
Wonmo Kang, Jack Kessler, Horacio Espinosa
 11:40-12:00Natural Fish Scales As Model For Tough, Damage Tolerant And Flexible Protective Systems
Roberto Martini, Balit Yanis, Francois Barthelat
 12:00-12:20The Impact Region Of The Mantis Shrimp: A Multiregional Particle And Sinusoidally-architected Helicoidal Biocomposite
David Kisailus
 12:20-12:40Nanomechanical Folding And Unfolding Behaviors Of Graphene On Flat Substrate
Chenglin Yi, Xiaoming Chen, Changhong Ke
Cornetti11:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Pietro Cornetti, Vladislav Mantic, Dominique Leguillon, Raul Bermejo
 11:00-11:20Analysis Of 3d Crack Configurations In Cross-ply Laminates By Means Of Finite Fracture Mechanics And The Enriched Sbfem
Sascha Hell, Julian Felger, Wilfried Becker
 11:20-11:40Failure Initiation At V-notch Tips In Quasi-brittle Materials
Dominique Leguillon, Zohar Yosibash
 11:40-12:00Multi-cracking Of Brittle Coatings Under A Mechanical Loading
Dominique Leguillon, Jia Li, Eric Martin
 12:00-12:20Assessment Of Crack Onset Conditions At A Sharp Tip Of A Material Inclusion By Means Of The Coupled Criterion
Ondrej Krepl, Dominique Leguillon, Jan Klusak
 12:20-12:40Thermal Crack Problems For Functionally Graded Coatings On A Homogeneous Substrate
Vera Petrova, Siegfried Schmauder
T2A411:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Shoichi Kikuchi, Qinghua Li
 11:00-11:20Effect Of Loading Frequency On The Fatigue Behaviour Of Ultra-high Toughness Cementitious Composites In Compression
Botao Huang, Qinghua Li, Shilang Xu, Yao Lyu, Baomin Zhou
 11:20-11:40Evaluation Of Four-point Bending Fatigue Properties And Crack Propagation Of Commercially Pure Titanium With Harmonic Structure
Yuhei Nukui, Hiroki Kubozono, Shoichi Kikuchi, Yoshikazu Nakai, Mie Ota, Kei Ameyama
 11:40-12:00Fatigue Crack Initiation Identification And Quantification With Bragg Edge Strain Tomography
Anthony Reid, Matthew Marshall, Saurabh Kabra, Mahmoud Mostafavi
 12:00-12:20Numerical Analysis Of Multiaxial Low Cycle Fatigue Of Notched Specimens Made By Stainless Steel 316l Under Non-proportional Loading
Stefano Bressan, Pasquale Gallo, Takahiro Morishita, Fumio Ogawa, Takamoto Itoh, Filippo Berto
 12:20-12:40Prediction Of Grain Boundary Stress Fields Induced By The Impingement Of Persistent Slip Bands
Jerome Hazan, Maxime Sauzay
T2B111:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Avraham Dorogoy, Changgu Lee
 11:00-11:20Quasi-static And Dynamic Large Strain Shear Testing
Avraham Dorogoy, Daniel Rittel
 11:20-11:40Mechanical Properties Of Graphene And Other 2d Materials
Changgu Lee
 11:40-12:00Mechanical And Numerical Investigation Of Adhesion Defects On Adhesively Bonded Assemblies Behavior
Mahfoudh TALEB-ALI, Julien Jumel
 12:00-12:20The Edge-notched Clamped Beam As A Fracture Toughness Test Geometry: Crack Stability And Analytical Expressions For The Stress Intensity Factor
Balila Nagamani Jaya, Vikram Jayaram
 12:20-12:40Fracture Behavior And Failure Criterion Of Metallic Glasses
Rui-Tao Qu, Zhe-Feng Zhang, Zeng-Qian Liu
Kotousov11:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Filippo Berto, Sabrina Vantadori
 11:00-11:203d Displacement Field In The Cloase Vicinity Of A Crack Tip
Andrei Kotousov, Zhuang He, Aditya Khanna, Filippo Berto
 11:20-11:40Bifurcation Analysis For 3d Crack Pattern
Robert Anderssohn, Martin Hofmann
 11:40-12:00Crack Front Shape Development Under Fatigue Loading Conditions
Pavel Hutar, Tomas Oplt, Pavel Pokorny, Lubos Nahlik
 12:00-12:20Singular Asymptotic Expansion Of The Elastic Solution Along An Edge Around Which Material Properties Depend On The Angular Coordinate
Netta Omer
 12:20-12:40Three Dimensional Contour Integral Generalizations: Analytical Formulation
Soliman EL KABIR, Rostand MOUTOU PITTI, Frederic DUBOIS, Naman RECHO, Yuri LAPUSTA
Ponson11:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Laurent Ponson, Daniel Bonamy
 11:00-11:40In-plane And Out-of-plane Deviations Of A Mode I+iii Crack Encountering One Or Several Tougher Obstacles
Jean-Baptiste Leblond, Laurent Ponson
 11:40-12:00Attraction And Repulsion Of Two Cracks And Path Prediction
Juha Koivisto, Marie-Julie Dalbe, Mikko Alava, Stephane Santucci
 12:00-12:20Crack Repulsion In Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
Marie-Emeline Schwaab, Anthony Gravouil, Loic Vanel, Thierry Biben, Stephane Santucci
T2A311:00-12:40 Morning SessionChair: Andreas Burgold, Meinhard Kuna
 11:00-11:20Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of Crack Growth In Highly Ductile Cast Trip-steel
Andreas Burgold, Stephan Roth, Sebastian Henkel, Horst Biermann, Meinhard Kuna
 11:20-11:40Effects Of Compressive Strength And Fiber Content On Flexural Toughness Of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Seok Joon Jang, Sun Woo Kim, Ji Hyeon Kim, Da Ae Yoon, Hyun Do yun
 11:40-12:00Impact Of Heat Treatments Of An Al-mg-si Alloy On Instabilities During Crack Propagation In Fracture Toughness Tests
Tom Petit, Claire Ritter, Kimberly Colas, Bénédicte Kapusta, Jacques Besson, Thilo Morgeneyer
 12:00-12:20Parameterized Effects On Initiation And Propagation Of Edge Crack In The Cold Rolling Process Based On The Cohesive Zone Model
Da Qian Zan, Jian Jun Chen, Hong Liang Pan, Zheng Dong Wang

MONDAY, 19 JUNE 2017 - Early Afternoon Session
T2A513:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Loris Molent, Xiu Song
 13:00-13:20From Fractals To The Lead Crack Airframe Lifing Framework
Loris Molent, Andrea Spagnoli, Andrea Carpinteri, Rhys Jones
 13:20-13:40Effect Of Microstructure On Crack Propogation Behavior Of A Titanium Alloy
Xiu Song
 13:40-14:00Understanding Delaminations In Unidirectional Composites Using Energy Balance
Lucas Amaral, Rene Alderliesten, Rinze Benedictus
 14:00-14:20A Simple Assesment Of Damage Under High-cycle Fatigue-driven Delamination
Soheil Bazazzadeh, Mirco Zaccariotto, Ugo Galvanetto
 14:20-14:40Fatigue Crack Growth Model For Edge Sliding Mode
Kaikai Shi
Akid13:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Robert Akid, Ihor Dmytrakh, Milos Djukic
 13:00-13:20A Structural Integrity Model For Hydrogen Embrittlement Of Low Carbon Steel And The Combined Effect Of Help And Hede Mechanisms On Macromechanical Properties
Milos B. Djukic, Gordana M. Bakic, Vera Sijacki Zeravcic, Bratislav Rajicic, Aleksandar Sedmak, Radivoje Mitrovic, Zarko Miskovic
 13:20-13:40A Phase Field Method For Modeling Stress Corrosion Crack Propagation Induced By Anodic Dissolution
Thanh Tung Nguyen, Julien Rethore, Marie-Christine BAIETTO , Jose Bolivar, Marion Fregonese
 13:40-14:00Effect Of Nickel In Solid Solution On The Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility Of Low Alloy Steels
Hans Husby
 14:00-14:20Mechanistic Studies Of Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking Under Atmospheric Exposure Conditions
Patrick Steiner, James Burns
 14:20-14:40Fatigue Crack Resistance Of Modern Materials For Turbogenerators & Gas Turbine In High Pressure And High Temperature Hydrogen
Alexander Balitskii
TAPLIN13:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Alberto Carpinteri
 13:00-13:20Structural Integrity Challenges Associated With Long Term Operation Of Civil Nuclear Power Plant
Peter Flewitt
 13:20-13:40Design And Integrity Assurance Of Pressure Vessels For Storing Hydrogen
Ashok Saxena, Amit Prakash, Ian Miller
 13:40-14:00Uncertainty In Fatigue Crack Growth Life Modeling And A New Approach To Estimating Frequency Of In-service Inspection Of Aging Components (*)
Jeffrey Fong, N. Alan Heckert, James Filliben, Stephen Freiman
 14:00-14:20Creep Damage Calculation Along A Semielliptical Crack In A Power Plant Component
Federico Bassi, Antonietta Lo Conte, Giovanni Ignazio Santangelo
 14:20-14:40Evaluation Of Material Parameters For Crack Layer Model
Haiying Zhang, Alexander Chudnovsky
Barbot13:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Sylvain Barbot
 13:00-14:00Postseismic Deformation Following The 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha Earthquake And The Distribution Of Brittle And Ductile Crustal Processes Beneath Nepal
James Daniel Paul Moore, Hang Yu, Chi-Hsien Tang, Teng Wang, Sylvain Barbot, Dongju Peng, Sagar Masuti, Justin Dauwels, Ya-Ju Hsu, Valere Lambert, Priyamvada Nanjundiah, Shengji Wei, Eric Lindsey, Lujia Feng, Qiu Qiang
 14:00-14:20Integration Of Observational And Numerical Methods To Study The 2015 Nepal And Chile Large Earthquakes
Jiuxun Yin, Marine Denolle, Yongfei Wang, Steven Day
 14:20-14:40Impact Of Fault-bend Folds On Earthquake Cycles In Nepal Across Geological Time Scales
Sharadha Sathiakumar, Sylvain Barbot, Judith Hubbard
T2C413:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Zheng-Ming Huang, Lucien Laiarinandrasana
 13:00-13:20Prediction Of Residual Lifetime Of High Density Polyethylene Pipes Based On The Micro-mechanisms Of Creep Fracture
Lucien Laiarinandrasana, Peter Cloetens, Thilo F. Morgeneyer
 13:20-13:40Assessing Delamination Initiation Only Using Fiber And Matrix Properties
Zheng-Ming Huang, Jia-jie Gu
 13:40-14:00Effect Of Thermal Oxidation On The Interfacial Shear Strength Of Im7/bmi Composite By Fiber Push-in Nanoindentation
Tingge Xu, Huiyang Luo, Samit Roy, Hongbing Lu
 14:00-14:20Damage Development In Cfrps During Orthogonal Cutting Considering Temperature Effects
SAGAR KUBHER, Suhasini Gururaja
 14:20-14:40Influence Of Residual Stress On The Results Of Crb Test
Jan Poduska, Pavel Hutar, Andreas Frank, Jaroslav Kucera, Jiri Sadilek, Gerald Pinter, Lubos Nahlik
T1-113:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Aparna Singh, Nagamani Jaya Balila
 13:00-13:20Effect Of Microstructural Length Scale On The Fracture And Fatigue Of Nano-steels
Aparna Singh, Kushal Mishra
 13:20-13:40Drawing Strain Induced Ductile To Brittle Transition In Nanostructured Heavily Cold Drawn Pearlitic Steels
Nagamani Jaya Balila, Christoph Kirchlechner, Gerhard Dehm
 13:40-14:00Detect The Incipient Plasticity During The Nanoindentation Of Bcc Fe
Kai Zhao, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
 14:00-14:20Damage And Fracture In Neutron-irradiated Graphite: In Situ Micro-mechancial Testing
Dong Liu, Joshua Kane, William E. Windes, Martin Kuball, Robert Ritchie
 14:20-14:40Dominant Parameters Affecting The Reliability Of Turbine Blade With Tbcs Eroded By Hot Gas Stream
Yiqi Xiao, Yang Li, Yichun Zhou
Cornetti13:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Pietro Cornetti, Vladislav Mantic, Dominique Leguillon, Raul Bermejo
 13:00-13:20Determination Of Energy Release Rate During Delamination Of Ceramic Metal Interfaces In Four Point Bending
Martin Lederer, Agnieszka Betzwar Kotas, Golta Khatibi, Herbert Danninger
 13:20-13:40Multi-parameter Criterion For Crack Initiation At Sharp Material Inclusion Tip
Ondrej Krepl, Jan Klusak
 13:40-14:00Effect Of Residual Thermal Stresses In The Coupled Criterion. An Application To Transverse Cracking In Cross-ply Laminates
Israel G. Garcia, Vladislav Mantic, Antonio Blazquez
 14:00-14:20Interface Crack Growth In Composite Materials By Finite Fracture Mechanics At Elastic Interfaces For Displacement And Load Control
Maria del Mar Munoz-Reja, Luis Tavara, Vladislav Mantic, Pietro Cornetti
 14:20-14:40Double Pull-push Shear Test By Finite Fracture Mechanics And Linear Elastic Interfaces.
Mar Munoz-Reja, Luis Tavara, VLADISLAV Mantic, Pietro Cornetti
T2B113:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Andreas Tesch
 13:00-13:20An Overview Of Recent Fracture Mechanics Testing At The European Space Agency
Andreas Tesch
 13:20-13:40Fracture Analysis Of Eco-friendly Brass Alloys: Comparison Study And Preliminary Assessment
Anagnostis Toulfatzis, George Pantazopoulos, Alkiviadis Paipetis
 13:40-14:00Deformation And Interface Effects On The Fracture Of 3d Printed Heterogeneous Materials
Louisa Avellar, Guruswami Ravichandran
 14:00-14:20Compliance Calibration For Fracture And Fatigue Testing Of Ultra-high-molecular-weight Polyethylene C(t) Specimens
Louis Malito, Bernd Gludovatz, Melody Jung, Robert Ritchie, Lisa Pruitt
Kotousov13:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Filippo Berto, Sabrina Vantadori
 13:00-13:203d Curved Cracks Investigation On Nonhomogeneous Materials Using An Interaction Integral Method
Yukun Li, Licheng Guo, Li Zhang, Hongjun Yu
 13:20-13:40Edge Singularities: Extracting Edge Stress Intensity Functions And T-stresses Along Straight And Curved Edges
zohar yosibash, Yaron Schapira
 13:40-14:00Exact 3d Solutions For A Penny-shaped Crack In Elastic Media With Couple Stress
Weiqiu Chen
 14:00-14:20Some Implications Of Corner Point Singularities Revisited
Les Pook, Filippo Berto, Alberto Campagnolo
T2A313:00-14:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Adam Cooper, Tomislav Lesicar
 13:00-13:20An Assessment Of The Differences In Fracture Behaviour Between Hot Isostatically Pressed And Forged 304l Austenitic Stainless Steel
Adam Cooper, Andrew Sherry
 13:20-13:40Micron Scale Size-effects In Void Growth
Christian Niordson, Viggo Tvergaard
 13:40-14:00Modeling Of Ductile Damage In A Two-scale Computational Approach
Tomislav Lesicar
 14:00-14:20Two-temperature Thermoviscoplasticity Coupled To Ductile Fracture: A Phase Field Model
Shubhankar Roy Chowdhury, Debasish Roy

MONDAY, 19 JUNE 2017 - Late Afternoon Session
T2A516:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Mirco Chapetti, Benjamin Bauer
 16:00-16:20Threshold Curve Method For High Cycle Fatigue Crack Propagation Prediction
Mirco Chapetti, Carlos Molina
 16:20-16:40Methods For Crack Length Measurement For The Determination Of Fracture Mechanical Parameters Of Additive Manufactured Plastics
Benjamin Bauer
 16:40-17:00Fatigue Life Prediction Model For Ferrite-pearlite Considering Microstrucutes
Koya Ueda, Kazuki Shibanuma, Masao Kinefuchi, Yoshiki Nemoto, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Manabu Enoki
 17:00-17:20An Experimental Study Of Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour In Offshore Monopile Welded Structures
Ali Mehmanparast
Akid16:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Robert Akid, Ihor Dmytrakh, Milos Djukic
 16:00-16:20Understanding The Mechanical Behaviour Of 718 And 625+ Nickel Base Superalloys Under Cathodic Protection
David Martelo Guarin, Anthony Cook, Robert Akid
 16:20-16:40A Mechanistic Framework For Hydrogen Embrittlement
Emilio Martinez-Paneda, Susana del Busto, Covadonga Betegon
 16:40-17:00Decohesion Laws For Predicting Hydrogen-induced Crack Growth In Ti-alloys
Kwai Chan
 17:00-17:20Hydrogen Embrittlement Of Welded Joints Of Tram Rails In Aggressive Environments
Michal Kawiak, Aleksander Balitski
 17:20-17:40The Operated Steel Degradation Peculiarities Of The Different Elements Of Power Steam Pipelines
Oleksandra Student, Halyna Krechkovska, Hryhoriy Nykyforchyn, Olha Zvirko
TAPLIN16:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Shouwen Yu
 16:00-16:20Damage-tolerance In High-entropy Alloys
Robert Ritchie, Qian Yu, Bernd Gludovatz, Easo George
 16:20-16:40A Mechanical Model For Oxidation-assisted Low Cycle Fatigue Of Super-alloys Under Compression
Ming Yuan He, Tresa Pollock
 16:40-17:00Duplex Stainless Steels Fatigue Crack Propagation: Analysis Of The Chemical Composition And Heat Treatment Influence
Francesco Iacoviello, Vittorio DI Cocco, Laura D'Agostino
 17:00-17:20The Fracture Of Thermosetting Polymers Containing Silica Nanoparticles
Anthony Kinloch, Felicity Guild, Kunal Masania, Ambrose Taylor, Stephan Sprenger
 17:20-17:40Anisotropic Fracture And Directional Toughness Of Progressively Drawn Pearlitic Steel Wires
Jesus Toribio, Beatriz Gonzalez, Juan-Carlos Matos
Barbot16:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Sylvain Barbot
 16:00-16:50Spatiotemporal Variation In Subduction Zone Earthquake Cycle Processes On Geodetic And Geologic Time Scales
Jack Loveless
 16:50-17:40Modeling Megathrust Dynamics Across The Scales
Ylona van Dinther, Robert Herrendoerfer, Casper Pranger, Taras Gerya
T2C616:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Sergey Kuznetsov, BIN GU
 16:00-16:20Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, And Analysis Of Seismic Wave Interactions With Seismic Barriers
Robert Goldstein, Alla Ilyashenko, Sergey Kuznetsov
 16:20-16:40Fracture Properties Of Cuboctahedral Lattices
Christine Gregg, Kenneth Cheung, Paul Wright
 16:40-17:00Propagation Of Love Waves In A Piezoelectric Layered Nanostructure With Surface Effects
T1-116:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Dong Liu, Kai Zhao
 16:00-16:20Large Deformation Of Double Cantilever Beam Fracture Mechanics Specimen With Surface Effects Based On Strain Gradient Theory
Richardson Joseph, Baolin Wang, Bijan Samali
 16:20-16:40Interfacial Mechanical Stability Of Gan-on-diamond Materials For Microwave Devices
Dong Liu, Daniel Francis, Firooz Faili, James Pomeroy, Daniel Twitchen, Martin Kuball
 16:40-17:00Flexible Ferroelectric Memory Based On Oxide Heteroepitaxy
Jie Jiang
 17:00-17:20Influence Of Inclusions On Low Cycle Fatigue Life Of P/m Superalloy
Kai Zhao
 17:20-17:40Mechanical Stability Under Sliding Contact Of Thin Multilayer With Weak Adhesion
Aymar Quarre de Boiry, Davy Dalmas, Jean-Yvon Faou, Jeremie Teisseire
Cornetti16:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Pietro Cornetti, Vladislav Mantic, Dominique Leguillon, Raul Bermejo
 16:00-16:20An Asymptotic Approach To Mixed-mode Fracture In Open-hole Composite Plates
Julian Felger, Nicolas Stein, Wilfried Becker, Dominique Leguillon
 16:20-16:40Extending Finite Fracture Mechanics By Means Of Stress Weight Functions
Pietro Cornetti, Maria del Mar Munoz-Reja, Alberto Sapora, Alberto Carpinteri
 16:40-17:00Fracture Of Advanced Ceramics And Brittle Components: Experimental Observations
Raul Bermejo
 17:00-17:20Sensitive Analysis Of Rupture Pressure In Hydraulic Fracturing
Minwei Chen
T2A416:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Lihe Qian, Xianfeng Ma
 16:00-16:20Effect Of Martensitic Transformation On Local Stresses And Strains At A Notch Of Cyclically Loaded Superelastic Niti Ribbon
Pejman SHayanfard, Ludek Heller, Darina Dostalova, Pavel Sandera, Petr Sittner, Jana Hornikova, Eduardo Alarcon, Miroslav Frost, Petr Sedlak, Jaroslav Pokluda
 16:20-16:40Analysis Of The Influence Of Partial Replacement Of The Added Kid By Feldspato Powder In The Coating Mortar.
Elaine Antunes, Adriana Bonetti Pedro, Daiane Godinho, Marcio Vito
 16:40-17:00Effect Of Microstructure Characteristics On The Fatigue And Crack Propagation Behavior Of The Aluminum Cast Alloy En Ac-alsi7mg0.3
Jochen Tenkamp, Stephan Knorre, Ulrich Krupp, Wilhelm Michels, Frank Walther
 17:00-17:20On The Low-cycle Fatigue Fracture Behavior Of A Single Crystal Nickel-based Superalloy With Surface Recrystallized Grains
Xianfeng Ma, Hui-Ji Shi, Jialin Gu
 17:20-17:40Local Fatigue Deformation Behavior In Cast Pore-containing Steel Investigated Via Image-based Numerical Simulation
Lihe Qian
T2B116:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Thorsten Becker, Aurélien Maurel-Pantel
 16:00-16:20The Equivalent Volume Integral With Improved Resilience To Errors In Crack Front Position
Matthew Molteno, Thorsten Becker
 16:20-16:40Effect Of Pulsed Electric Current On The Mechanical Properties Of Titanium Alloy
Jaewoong Jung, Yoshiaki Inadome, Yang Ju, Yasuyuki Morita, Yuhki Toku
 16:40-17:00Nex Experimental Test To Characterize Bonding Shock Resistance
Marina Voisin, Aurelien Maurel-Pantel, Frédéric Lebon
 17:00-17:20Fracture Behaviors Of A Stiff Film/complaint Substrate Structure Under Thermally Induced Loads
Chuanwei Li, Shibin Wang, Linan Li
 17:20-17:40New Methods To Estimate The Plane Strain Fracture Toughness Kic
Peng Zhang, Hefei Li, Zhefeng Zhang
Moutou Pitti16:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Rostand Moutou Pitti, Hubert Maigre
 16:00-16:20Fracture Of Wood Under Thermo-visco-hydro-mechanical Loadings
Rostand MOUTOU PITTI, Seif Eddine HAMDI, Frederic Dubois
 16:20-16:40Influence Of Friction Between Crack Faces In Compressive Wood Fracture
Aditya Patil, Gaurav Singh
 16:40-17:00Coupled Mechanics – Probabilistic Methodology Fof Reliability Assessment Of Timber Structure With Cracks Subjected To Thermo-visco-hydromechanical
Thanh Binh TRAN, Emilio Bastidas-Arteaga, Younes Aoues, Rostand Moutou Pitti, Seif Eddine Hamdi, Pambou Nziengui claude feldman, Eric Fournely, Franck Schoefs
 17:00-17:20Evaluation Of Interference Genotypes – Energy Release Rate By Using Wedge Splitting Test
Amine Jamaaoui, Octavian POP, Valery Valle, Guy Costa, Vincent Gloaguen, Frederic Dubois
 17:20-17:40Crack Extension Under Mixed Mode Loading At V-notch Tip – Peridynamic Analysis
Ponson16:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Laurent Ponson, Daniel Bonamy
 16:00-16:20Bursty Crack Propagation: Clusters, Burst Shapes And Waiting Times
Lasse Laurson, Stephane Santucci, Mikko Alava
 16:20-16:40Woodquakes - Statistical Properties And Prediction
Tero Maekinen
 16:40-17:00Time Clustering In Brittle Fracture
Jonathan Bares, Daniel Bonamy, Alberto Rosso
 17:00-17:20A First-order Perturbation Analysis Of 3d Crack Propagation In Heterogeneous Materials Under Pure Mode I Loading
Mathias Lebihain, Jean-Baptiste Leblond, Michel Bornert, Laurent Ponson
 17:20-17:40Dynamic Fracture In Heterogeneous Material, The Influence Of Elastic Wave Field
Alizee DUBOIS, Daniel Bonamy
T2C1216:00-17:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Timo Saksala, Marta Kosior-Kazberuk
 16:00-16:20The Effects Of Recycled Materials On The Mechanical Properties Of Frccs
Sun-Woo Kim, Wan-Shin Park, Young-Il Jang, Yi-Hyun Nam, Sun-Woong Kim, Jong-Won Lee, Hyun-Do Yun
 16:20-16:40Cracking Analysis Of Fibre Reinforced Structures Subject To Dynamic Loading
Rana Akiki, Cedric Giry, Fabrice Gatuingt
 16:40-17:00Application Of Deformation Criterion To Assess Fracture Properties Of Concrete
Marta Kosior-Kazberuk, Andrzej Kazberuk
 17:00-17:20Continuum Modelling Of Dynamic Rock Fracture Under Triaxial Confinement
Timo Saksala

MONDAY, 19 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
T2B818:00-20:00 Evening SessionChair: Stephanie Turchi, Christian Hoover
 18:00-18:20Size Effect In Fatigue Endurance Analyses Of Airbus Aircraft Structures
Stephanie Turchi, Denis Campassens
 18:20-18:40Numerical And Theoretical Analysis Of Comprehensive Concrete Fracture Tests
Christian Hoover, Zdenek Bazant
 18:40-19:00Scaled Four Point Bend Specimens And The Transferability Of Their Results
Paulo Orrock, Julian Booker, Chris Truman
 19:00-19:20The Thickness Effect On S 690 Ql High Strength Steel
Borislava Yordanova, Philippa Moore, Yong Lu, Weihong He
 19:20-19:40Type I And Type Ii Size Effect In Asphalt Mixture At Low Temperature
Augusto Cannone Falchetto, Michael Wistuba
 19:40-20:00Determination Of Ductile To Brittle Transition Temperature Of By Small Punch Tests
Kaishu Guan
T2A818:00-20:00 Evening SessionChair: Vaclav Sklenicka, Elsiddig Elmukashfi
 18:00-18:20Image-based Mechanism Explanation Of Creep-fatigue Fracture Of Alloy 617 At High Temperature
Fraaz Tahir, Yongming Liu
 18:20-18:40Fracture Properties And Modes In Creep Of P92 Creep-resistant Ferritic Steel
Vaclav Sklenicka, Kveta Kucharova, Petr Kral, Marie Kvapilova, Jiri Dvorak
 18:40-19:00Mixed Mode Creep Crack Growth Along Interface And Grain Boundaries
Elsiddig Elmukashfi, Alan Cocks
 19:00-19:20The Effects Of Precipitate Coarsening On High Temperature Creep Damage Evolution In Welded 9cr Steels
Cathal O Murchu, Sean B. Leen, Padraic E. O'Donoghue, Richard A. Barrett
 19:20-19:40Creep Rupture Of Type 316h Austenitic Stainless Steel Notched Bar Specimens
Edward Hares, Mahmoud Mostafavi, Rick Bradford, Chris Truman
 19:40-20:00Investigations On Dissimilar Metal Welds Of Modern Cast And Forge Materials
Alexander Hobt, Magdalena Speicher, Johannes Schleyer, Annett Udoh, Andreas Klenk
T2A418:00-20:00 Evening SessionChair: Hiroyuki Akebono, Chong WANG
 18:00-18:20Cyclic Crack Initiation Mechanisms At Microstructural Scale During Uniaxial Loadings Of A Homogeneously Nitrided Low-alloyed Steel
Francois Godet, Laurent Barrallier, Sebastien Jegou, Gregory Michel, Simon Thibault
 18:20-18:40Bridging The Gap In Predicting The Crack Initiation Of The Real Life Structures By Nuclear Class-1 Piping Design Philosophies And Full Scale Testing
Suresh Kumar R, B. N. Rao, Velusamy K
 18:40-19:00A Unified Mechanism Of Fish-eye Crack Initiation On High Strength Steel In Vhcf Regime
Chong WANG
 19:00-19:20A Slip Irreversibility Based Fatigue Life Prediction Model And Its Application To Pure Polycrystalline Copper In The Very High Cycle Fatigue Regime
Xiaogang Wang, Ensheng Feng, Chao Jiang
 19:20-19:40Fatigue Properties Of Joints Produced Friction Stir Spot Welding
Yuki Ogawa, Yida Xiong, Hiroyuki Akebono, Masahiko Kato, Kojiro Tanaka, Atsushi Sugeta
 19:40-20:00Microstructure-sensitive Simulations Of Fatigue Damage In Dual-phase Steel Specimens Including Elliptic Defect
Fabien Briffod, Takayuki Shiraiwa, Manabu Enoki
Ivankovic18:00-20:00 Evening SessionChair: Alojz Ivankovic, Anthony J. Kinloch
 18:00-18:20Digital-image Correlation And Cohesive Zones In Mixed-mode Fracture
Michael Thouless, James Gorman
 18:20-18:40Damage Dependent Mixed Mode Partitioning In Composites
Alojz Ivankovic, Mark Conroy, Anthony Kinloch, Gordon Williams
 18:40-19:00Direct And Simultaneous Extraction Of Vector Traction-separation Relations For Interfaces
Chenglin Wu, Rui Huang, Kenneth Liechti
 19:00-19:20Considerations On Coupled Mixed Mode Cohesive Laws
Bent F. Sorensen
 19:20-19:40Mixed-mode Fracture In Adhesive Joints
Bamber Blackman, Diego Alvarez, Felicity Guild, Anthony Kinloch
 19:40-20:00Effect Of Beam Size And Initial Crack Location On Flexural Shear Behavior Of Uhpfrc
Sung-gul Hong, Namhee Hong, Ji-Hyung Lee, Chang-Bin Joe

MONDAY, 19 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
SEDMAK18:00-20:20 Evening SessionChair: Aleksandar Sedmak
 18:00-18:20Estimate Of The Fatigue Life Of The Tube Joints Exposed To Axial Load
Jelena Djokovic, Ruzica R. Nikolic, Marko Pencic, Maja Cavic, Branislav Hadzima
 18:20-18:40Fracture Mechanics In Serbia – 49 Years Of Development
aleksandar sedmak, vencislav grabulov
 18:40-19:00Fracture Behaviour Of S316l Stainless Steel Thin Plates
Katarina Colic, aleksandar sedmak
 19:00-19:20Charpy And Sem Investigation Of Al-mg Friction Stir Weldments
Srdjan Tadic
 19:20-19:40Creep Crack Growth – Comparison Of P91 And P22 Steel
Blagoj Petrovski
 19:40-20:00Influence Of The 3d Interface Crack Front Shape On The Fracture Parameters
Jelena Djokovic, Ruzica R. Nikolic, Aleksandar Sedmak
 20:00-20:20Fatigue Behaviour Of Predeformed Weld Metal

MONDAY, 19 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
TAPLIN18:00-19:40 Evening SessionChair: Mimoun Elboujdaini
 18:00-18:20Review Of Nonlinear Representation Of The Frequency Characteristics Of Fracture Life For Notched Specimens Under Creep-fatigue Conditions For Heat Resistant Metals Based On Chaos Theory
A.Toshimitsu Yokobori,Jr, Go Ozeki, Yoshiko Nagumo
 18:20-18:40Full-field Characterisation Of The Stress Concentration Of Blocked Twins By High-resolution Ebsd In Alpha-uranium
Phil Earp, Selim Barhli, James Marrow
 18:40-19:00On The Use Of Actuator Compliance And Cod Compliance For Crack Length Estimation During High Temperature Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Testing
Raghu Prakash, Arun Kumar Kamalakannan
 19:00-19:20Fracture Mechanics Characterization Of Cementitious Nanocomposites
Emmanuel Gdoutos, Maria Konsta-Gdoutos
 19:20-19:40Review Of The Effect Of Hydrogen On Mechanical Properties Of Low Strength Steels In Oil & Gas Applications
Mimoun Elboujdaini
 19:40-20:00Preventing Cracking In The Growth Of Low-cost Gan Leds On Large-area Si
Colin Humphreys
Barbot18:00-19:40 Evening SessionChair: Sylvain Barbot
 18:00-18:50The Role Of Splay Faults In Seafloor Deformation & Tsunami Generation During The M 9.1-9.3 2004 Sumatra-andaman Earthquake
Elizabeth Madden, Thomas Ulrich, Alice Gabriel, Iris van Zelst, Ylona van Dinther
 18:50-19:40Modeling Slow Slip Events And Their Interaction With Large Earthquakes Along Various Subduction Zones
Bunichiro Shibazaki
T1-118:00-19:40 Evening SessionChair: ELIAS C. AIFANTIS, WEI HUANG
 18:00-18:40Internal Lengths And Internal Times In Fracture And Failure Instabilities
 18:40-19:00Fracture Behavior Of Octet Architected Nano-lattice Structures Under 3-point Bending
 19:00-19:20Fracture Behavior Of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Ti6al4v Composites
Adewale Adegbenjo, Peter Olubambi, Johannes Potgieter, Mxolisi Shongwe
 19:20-19:40Toughness Assessment Of Thermoplastic Nanocomposites By The Essential Work Of Fracture (ewf) Approach
Mandla Vincent Khumalo, Jozsef Karger-Kocsis
Cornetti18:00-19:40 Evening SessionChair: Pietro Cornetti, Vladislav Mantic, Dominique Leguillon, Raul Bermejo
 18:00-18:20Modelling Of Fracture In Brittle Solids Using Fem And Finite Fracture Mechanics
Oldrich Sevecek, Michal Kotoul, Dominique Leguillon, Eric Martin, Raul Bermejo
 18:20-18:40Implementation Of The Finite Fracture Mechanics Criterion At Elastic Interfaces In The Fem Package Abaqus
Luis Tavara, Maria del Mar Munoz-Reja, Vladislav Mantic
 18:40-19:00Delamination In A Flexible Laminate Loaded By Tensile And Shear
Sharon Kao-Walter, Md. Shaifqul Islam, Eskil Andreasson
 19:00-19:20Silicone Sealants: A Finite Fracture Mechanics Failure Model For Non-linear Materials
Philipp L. Rosendahl, Yves Staudt, Christoph Odenbreit, Jens Schneider, Wilfried Becker
Moutou Pitti18:00-19:40 Evening SessionChair: Rostand Moutou Pitti, Hubert Maigre
 18:00-18:20Experimental Study Of The Failure Of Wood Under Shear Impact
 18:20-18:40Probabilistic Analysis Of Mixed Mode Crack Growth In Wood Using Dimension Reduction Method
 18:40-19:00Comparative Study Of The Cracking Of Tropical Woods By The Grid Method
 19:00-19:20Mixed Mode Three Dimensional Contour Integral: For Wood Application Under Creep Loading
Soliman EL KABIR, Rostand MOUTOU PITTI, Frederic DUBOIS, Naman RECHO, Yuri LAPUSTA
Ponson18:00-19:40 Evening SessionChair: Laurent Ponson, Daniel Bonamy
 18:00-18:40Some Statistical Results About The Organization Of Microcracking Events In Dynamic Failure Of Pmma
 18:40-19:00Triangular Fractographic Patterns Reveal The Nature Of Slip To Stick Transition In Polymeric Materials
Aditya Vasudevan, Thiago Melo Grabois, Daniel Bonamy, Laurent Ponson
 19:00-19:20On Statistical Thermodynamics Of Defect Ensembles And Nonlinearity Of Damage-failure Transition
Oleg Naimark
Gizzi18:00-19:40 Evening SessionChair: Alessio Gizzi, Marco Paggi, José Reinoso
 18:00-18:20Complex Crack Paths In Layered Composite Materials: Interaction Between Phase Field And Interfaces
Valerio Carollo, Jose Reinoso Cuevas, Marco Paggi
 18:20-18:40Phase Field Modeling Of Brittle Fracture For Solid Shells At Large Deformations
Jose Reinoso, Marco Paggi
 18:40-19:00Reliability And Durability Of Silicon Photovoltaics: The Role Of Fracture Mechanics
Marco Paggi

MONDAY, 19 JUNE 2017 - Early Afternoon Session
T2A413:00-15:00 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Ulrich Krupp, Xijia Wu
 13:00-13:20Significance Of The Microstructure Hierarchy On Vhcf Crack Initiation And Propagation In Tempered Martensitic Steel
Ulrich Krupp, Kevin Koschella, Alexander Giertler
 13:20-13:40In-situ Microscopy Study Of Strain Field Variation Ahead Of Fatigue Crack Tip
Wei Zhang, Liang Cai, Daoqing Zhou, Yuming Liu
 13:40-14:00A Correction Of Tanaka-mura’s Fatigue Crack Nucleation Model And Validation
Xijia Wu
 14:00-14:20Microstructure-based Characterization Of The Cyclic Deformation Behavior Of Friction Drilled Internal Threads In Aluminium And Magnesium Alloys Alsi10mg, Az31 And Az91
Philipp Wittke, Stefan Hannich, Dirk Biermann, Frank Walther
 14:20-14:40Temperature Effct On Fatigue Crack Initiation Of Nickel Superalloy Mar-m247
Ivo Sulak, Karel Obrtlik, Jiri Man
 14:40-15:00Investigation On Fatigue Property Of Al-5zn-2mg High Strength Aluminum Alloy
Yang Shanglei

MONDAY, 19 JUNE 2017 - Early Afternoon Session
Ponson13:00-14:20 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Laurent Ponson, Daniel Bonamy
 13:00-13:40Discrete Element Models For The Deformation And Fracture Of Biological Composites
Najmul Abid, Mohammad Mirkhalaf, Francois Barthelat
 13:40-14:00Experimental Investigation Of Fracture Resistance Of Auxestic Structures
maryam hanifpour, Charlotte Petersen, Mikko Alava, Stefano Zapperi
 14:00-14:20Competition Of Length Scales In Notch-initiated Fracture In Metals With Structural Disorder
Stefanos Papanikolaou, Joshua Thibault, Christopher Woodward
 14:20-14:40Toughening By Self-patterning In Multilayer Thin Films
Davy DALMAS, Aymar Quarre de Boiry, Jeremie Teisseire, Jean-Yvon Faou

TUESDAY, 20 JUNE 2017 - Morning Session
Nikbin10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Catrin Davies, David Dean
 10:00-10:20An Energy Based Fracture Mechanics Approach To Determine The Early Crack Growth Phase For Notched Round-bars Under Global Strain Controlled Creep-fatigue Loading
Kontermann Christian
 10:20-10:40Effect Of Pre-damage On Creep Crack Growth Behavior For Directionally Solidified Ni-base Superalloy Based On Numerical Analysis
Go OZEKI, A. Toshimitsu Yokobori
 10:40-11:00Influence Of Prior Loading On Creep Deformation Using Crystal Plasticity
Tomiwa Erinosho, Mahmoud Mostafavi, Chris Truman
 11:00-11:20Microstructure And Modeling Of Creep Resistance Of F91 Steel
Xiaozhou Zhang, X.J. Wu, R. Liu, J. Liu, Matthew X. Yao
Iyyer10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Nagaraja Iyyer
 10:00-10:20Fatigue Modeling In Polycrystalline Alloys: Advancing Computational Mechanics And Icme Tools
Somnath Ghosh
 10:20-10:40A Fractional Phase Field Model For Structural Mechanics With Tunable Sharpness
Mehdi Amiri, Anahita Imanian, Harbir Antil
 10:40-11:00Entropic Methods To Study The Evolution Of Damage And Degradation Of Materials
Ali Kahirdeh, Huisung Yun, Mohammad Moadarres
 11:00-11:20Effects Of Overloads And Underloads On Biaxial Fatigue Crack Propagation In Al 7075-t651 Alloy
Siddhant Datta, Aditi Chattopadhyay, Nagaraja Iyyer, Nam Phan
 11:20-11:40Damage Precursors Of Acoustic Emission Parameters From Fatigue Loading
Huisung Yun, Christine Sauerbrunn, Ali Kahirdeh, Mohammad Modarres
BARENBLATT10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Robert Goldstein, Viggo Tvergaard, Zdenek Bazant
 10:00-10:20Simulation Of Hydraulic Fracture In Shale:crack Branching And Spherocylindrical Orthotropic Microplane Constitutive Model
Zdenek Bazant
 10:20-10:40Ice, Water, Soil And A Barenblatt Ending Of A Super-long Glacial Shear Crack
James Rice, Thibaut Perol, John D. Platt, Jenny Suckale, Colin Meyer
 10:40-11:00On Some General Regularities In Physics Of Fracture
Ludmila Botvina
 11:00-11:20The Strength And Stability Of Nanoplates With Holes And Inclusions
Nikita Morozov, Boris Semenov, Anatoly Bochkarev, Anton Solovyev
 11:20-11:40The Self-similarly Expanding Ellipsoidal Inclusion And Fracture Due To Phase Change
Xanthippi Markenscoff
T2B1210:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Zhibin Wang, Andreas Ricoeur
 10:00-10:20Crack Path Prediction Under Mixed-mode Loading In 1d Quasicrystals
Zhibin Wang, Andreas Ricoeur
 10:20-10:40Mixed Mode Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior Of 10ni5crmov High Strength Steel Weldments
Qiang Wang, Xuesong Liu
 10:40-11:00Mixed-mode Fracture Studies Of Plastic Bulk Metallic Glass
 11:00-11:20Multiaxial Crack Growth In Welded Ti17-ti6242 Titanium Alloys
Manon Abecassis, Alain Koester, Vincent Maurel
 11:20-11:40Constraint Effect Of The Mixed Mode Crack Under Transient And Extensive Creep Regime
Yanwei Dai, Yinghua Liu, Haofeng Chen
Bogdanov10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Vyacheslav Bogdanov, Roman Kushnir
 10:00-10:20Limit Equilibrium Of Inhomogeneous Shells Of Revolution With Internal Cracks
Roman Kushnir, Myron Nykolyshyn, Mykola Rostun
 10:20-10:40Stress Concentration At Rounded Vertices Of Holes In Quasi-orthotropic And Pseudo-isotropic Planes
Andrzej Kazberuk, Mykhaylo Savruk
 10:40-11:00Corrections To Crack Opening Mode Shapes Evaluated From Local Material Rotations
Martin Lederer, Golta Khatibi
 11:00-11:20Study Of Dynamic Problems For Continuously Inhomogeneous Linearly Visco-elastic Bodies
Sergey Pshenichnov
 11:20-11:40Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor For Break- Line Shaped Crack At Harmonic Sh-wave Interaction
Vsevolod Popov
Tang10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Keke Tang, Filippo Berto
 10:00-10:20Metallurgical Characterization Of The Uns S32205 Duplex Stainless Steel Sed-critical Radius
Paolo Ferro, Filippo Berto, Thomas Borsato, Keke Tang
 10:20-10:40Strain Energy Density Application In Multiscale Fatigue And Fracture
K. K. Tang, F. Berto, P. Ferro, M.R. Ayatollahi
 10:40-11:00On The Use Of The Average Strain Energy Density For The Calculation Of Residual Notch Stress Intensity Factors
Paolo Ferro, Marco Colussi, Filippo Berto
 11:00-11:20A Micro-to-macro Crack Growth Model For Concrete Beam Fracture Simulation And Its Size Effect
Baijian Wu
T2A1010:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Evgeniy Merson, Hiroyuki Toda
 10:00-10:20Fracture Mode And Acoustic Emission In Hydrogen Charged Steels
Evgeniy Merson
 10:20-10:40Hydrogen Embrittlement Of Iron Controlled By Reaction Between Dislocations And Grain Boundaries
Liang Wan, Wen-Tong Geng, Jun-Ping Du, Akio Ishii, Nobuyuki Ishikawa, Hajime Kimizuka, Shigenobu Ogata
 10:40-11:00Strain Localization In Hydrogen-sensitive Crystal Plasticity
Gustavo Castelluccio, Clint Geller
 11:00-11:204d Hydrogen Embrittlement Behaviour In High Strength Aluminium Alloy
Hiroyuki Toda, Kazuyuki Shimizu, Hongye Gao, Kyosuke Hirayama
Sih10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: George Sih
 10:00-10:20Evolution Of Corner Cracks Emanating From Holes In Plates Subjected To Tension Cyclic Loading
Jesus Toribio, Juan-Carlos Matos, Beatriz Gonzalez
 10:20-10:40Fatigue Limit Evaluation Of A Stainless Steel Using Thermal Data Analysis
Giovanni Meneghetti, Mauro Ricotta, Giacomo Risitano, Antonino Risitano, Bruno Atzori, Eugenio Guglielmino
 10:40-11:00Effect Of Inclusion Type On Interface Stress Distribution And Cracking Mechanism
Xinling LIU
Shefelbine10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Sandra Shefelbine, Alain Karma
 10:00-10:20Hierarchical Microstructure Drives Unique Strength And Fracture Properties In Small-scale Trabecular Bone
Julia R Greer, Ottman A Tertuliano
 10:20-10:40On The Strength And Toughness Of Human Cortical Bone
Robert Ritchie, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Bjorn Busse, Bernd Gludovatz
 10:40-11:00Fracture In Pathologic Mouse Bones
Sandra Shefelbine, Sabah Nobakhti
 11:00-11:20Crack Paths In Anisotropic Biomimetic Composites
Ataollah Mesgarnejad, Chunzhou Pan, Erb Randall, Sandra Shefelbine, Alain Karma
 11:20-11:40Nanotwin-governed Toughening Mechanism In Hierarchically Structured Biological Materials
Huajian Gao
T2B1710:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Stephanie Deschanel, Stavros Kourkoulis
ROOM 211
 10:00-10:20Fracture Behaviour Analysis Of Refractories Exhibiting Large Strain To Rupture By Using Digital Image Correlation
Imad Khlifi, Younes Belrhiti, Octavian Pop
 10:20-10:40The New Experimental Testing Methodology For Conveyor Idler’s Fits Control
Radivoje Mitrovic, Zarko Miskovic, Zoran Stamenic, Gordana Bakic, Milos Djukic, Bratislav Rajicic
 10:40-11:00Light And Acoustic Emissions During Fracture In Inorganic Scintillators
Stephanie Deschanel, Philippe Di Stefano, Loic Vanel, Alexis Tantot
 11:00-11:20Acoustic Emission Versus Pressure Stimulated Currents In Uniaxially Compressed Natural Building Stones
Stavros Kourkoulis, Ioanna Dakanali, Vasiliki Petropoulou
T2A510:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Clive Neal-Sturgess, Sven Brueck
 10:00-10:20Analysis Of Fracture And Fatigue Using A Simplified Stress Wave Unloading Model And Lagrangian Mechanics
Clive Neal-Sturgess
 10:20-10:40Effect Of Positive And Negative Stress Ratio On A Small Time Scale Fatigue Crack Growth Formulation
Karthik Rajan Venkatesan, Yongming Liu
 10:40-11:00Fatigue And Dwell-fatigue Crack Growth In An Advanced Austenitic Stainless Steel
Suyang Yu, Jin Yan, Afsaneh Rabiei, Hangyue Li, Paul Bowen
 11:00-11:20Fatigue Crack Initiation Mechanisms In Ultra-high Strength Steel
Hayat Abdesselam, Thilo Morgeneyer
Wang10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Xin Wang, Guian Qian
 10:00-10:20Constraint Analyses With Two-parameter Fracture Criterion Under Biaxial Loading
Guian Qian
 10:20-10:40When An Interface Crack Occurs In A Composite?
Zheng-Ming Huang
 10:40-11:00New Specimens For Biaxial Experiments On Damage And Fracture In Ductile Metals
Michael Brunig, Steffen Gerke, Marco Schmidt
 11:00-11:20Crack Front Fields In Elastic-plastic Solids: An Overview Of Recent 3d Numerical Results
Xin Wang, Xu Chen, Dunji Yu
Barbot10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Sylvain Barbot
 10:00-10:50Earthquake Cycles With Distributed Plastic Deformation
Sylvain Barbot
 10:50-11:40What Do We Learn From Visco-elastic Relaxation Following The 3 Largest Megathrust Earthquakes Of The 21st Century
Christophe Vigny, Luce Fleitout, Emilie Klein

TUESDAY, 20 JUNE 2017 - Early Afternoon Session
Nikbin12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Catrin Davies, David Dean
 12:00-12:20Prediction Of Creep Crack Initiation Life By Misorientation Analysis Using A Notched Specimen Of A Directionally Solidified Ni-base Superalloy
Daisuke Kobayashi
 12:20-12:40Effects Of Material Microstructure And Multi-axiality On Creep Crack Growth Resistance For Cr-mo-v Steels
Ryuji Sugiura
 12:40-13:00Fatigue Life Prediction Of A Turbine Blade Using Critical Plane Approach
Shun-Peng Zhu
 13:00-13:20Microstructural Deformation Of Ex-service 9cr-1mo Steels At Elevated Temperature: A Modelling And Experimental Study
Edward Meade, Fengwei Sun, Noel O'Dowd, Peter Tiernan
Iyyer12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Nagaraja Iyyer
 12:00-12:20Peridynamics For Crack Initiation And Propagation With Arbitrary Discretization
Erdogan Madenci, Yile Hu, Nam Phan
 12:20-12:40Fatigue Fracture Analysis In 2d And 3d Domains Using Sgbem
Nikolaos Bouklas, Subhasis Sarkar, Nagaraja Iyyer, Mark Mear
 12:40-13:00Peridynamic Modeling Of Quasi-static Oscillating Cracks And Fatigue Crack Growth
Florin Bobaru, Guanfeng Zhang, Zhanping Xu
 13:00-13:20Cold Working Holes In Two-layer Members: Residual Stress Measurements And Analysis
Nicole Apetre, Attilio Arcari, Nagaraja Iyyer, Norman Dowling, Jose Correia, A. De Jesus
 13:20-13:40Laser Peening For Improved Fatigue Strength And Lifetime
Lloyd Hackel, Jon Rankin, Tracy Racanelli, John Campbell, Tom Mills
BARENBLATT12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Robert Goldstein, Viggo Tvergaard, Zdenek Bazant
 12:00-12:20Scale Interaction In Fracture Processes And Cohesive Crack Models
Robert Goldstein
 12:20-12:40Cohesive Laws For Ductile Fracture Upscaled From Strain-gradient Microplasticity
Michael Ortiz
 12:40-13:00Cohesive Modeling Of Dynamic Interface Fracture
Alan Needleman
 13:00-13:20Emergence Of Echelon Cracks Under Mixed-mode I + Iii Loading
Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar, Khai Pham
 13:20-13:40Dynamic Perturbation Of A Propagating Crack
John Willis
Bogdanov12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Vyacheslav Bogdanov, Roman Kushnir
 12:00-12:20Effect Of Biaxial Loading On Crack Growth In Orthotropic Viscoelastic Material
Olga Bogdanova
 12:20-12:40Stress Concentration Near Moving Boundary Of Contact Area In Plain Non-stationary Contact Problems
Grigory Fedotenkov, Dmitry Tarlakovskii
 12:40-13:00Numerical Prediction Of Voids Formation In Material Of Welded Elements Under Postweld Heat Treatment And Operational Loads
Oleh Makhnenko, Aleksey Milenin, Elena Velikoivanenko, Galina Rozynka, Nina Pivtorak
 13:00-13:20Boundary Element Method For 3d Fracture Mechanics Analysis Of Cracked Thermoelastic Anisotropic Solids
Heorhiy Sulym, Iaroslav Pasternak
 13:20-13:40Unified Approach To Studying Nonclassical Problems Of Fracture Mechanics
Viacheslav Bogdanov, Aleksander Guz, Vladimir Nazarenko
T2A1012:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Gilbert Henaff, Motomichi Koyama
 12:00-12:20Fatigue Crack Growth In Iron-based Alloys Under High Pressure Of Gasesous Hydrogen: Experimental Facts And Modeling Issues
Gilbert Henaff, Giovambattista Bilotta, Mandana Arzaghi, Tomoki Shinko, Guillaume Benoit, Damien Halm
 12:20-12:40Hydrogen Embrittlement Of Binary High Mn Austenitic Steels
Motomichi Koyama, Takahiro Sawaguchi, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
 12:40-13:00Application Of Dislocation Dynamics To Hydrogen Embrittlement In Alpha Iron Based On Atomistic Calculations
 13:00-13:20Low-temperature Hydrogen Embrittlement In Martensitic Steels
Sakari Pallaspuro, Haiyang Yu, Anna Kisko, David Porter, Jukka Kömi, Zhiliang Zhang
 13:20-13:40A Geometric Constraint Independent Hydrogen Degradation Law For High Strength Steels Based On Cohesive Zone Modeling
Haiyang Yu, Jim Stian Olsen, Antonio Alvaro, Vigdis Olden, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
Franco12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: David A. Cendón Franco, Filippo Berto, Sergio Cicero
 12:00-12:20Features Of 3d Elastic Solutions Of Plane Problems With Crack And Sharp Notches
Andrei Kotousov, Zhuang He, Aditya Khanna
 12:20-12:40Proposal Of A Straightforward Structural Integrity Assessment Methodology Of Components Containing U-shaped Notches
Sergio Cicero, Francisco Tomas Ibanez, Isabela Procopio, Virginia Madrazo
 12:40-13:00A Triaxiality-dependent Cohesive Crack Model: Application To Fracture Of Grey Cast Iron Notched Specimens
David Angel Cendon Franco
 13:00-13:20Effects Of Cyclic Loading On Brittle Fracture In Steel Notched Specimens With Different Fracture Toughness
Tsutomu Iwashita, Koji Azuma
Shefelbine12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Sandra Shefelbine, Alain Karma
 12:00-12:20Architectures And Weak Interfaces Amplify Toughness In Biological And Bio-inspired Materials
Francois Barthelat
 12:20-12:40Convergent Evolution To Engineering: Multi-functional Bio-composite And Biomimetic Materials
David Kisailus
 12:40-13:00Crack-bridging Model For Predicting The Fracture Toughness Of Cellulose Nanopaper
Xi-Qiao Feng
 13:00-13:20Bamboo Mechanics
Yang Lu
T2C812:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Jinxiong zhou
ROOM 211
 12:00-12:20Fatigue Crack Growth In Polycarbonate Polyurethane
Audrey Ford, Samuel Li, Jessica Sov, Lisa Pruitt
 12:20-12:40Fracture Behavior Of Orthopedic Grade Peek
Noah Bonnheim, Marco Regis, Pierangiola Bracco, Farzana Ansari, Lisa Pruitt
 12:40-13:00Experimental And Numerical Analysis Of Hip Fracture Morphology
Miguel Marco, Eugenio Giner, Ricardo Larrainzar, Jose Ramon Caeiro, Henar Miguelez, Diego Infante-Garcia
T2A512:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Yazid Madi, Luis Filipe Borrego
 12:00-12:20Fatigue Crack Growth In Welds Based On A V-notch Model For The Short Crack Propagation At The Toe
 12:20-12:40Fatigue Crack Propagation On Hybrid Samples With Laser Sintered Steel Parts
Luis Filipe Borrego, Jose Ferreira
 12:40-13:00Assessment Of Experimental Fatigue Lifetime Results From Specimens With Homologous Geometry But Different Size: Twofold Scale Effects In Initiation And Propagation
Sergio Blason, Miguel Muniz-Calvente, Roland Koller, Constanze Przybilla, Alfonso Fernandez-Canteli
 13:00-13:20Constraint Effects On Initiation And Growth Of A Fatigue Crack
Nijin I.S, Anuradha Banerjee
Gumbsch12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Peter Gumbsch, Gianpietro Moras
 12:00-12:20Beyond Rice: A New Theory For Crack-tip Dislocation Emission
William Curtin, Predrag Andric
 12:20-12:40Crack-tip Dislocation Emission And Twinning In Fcc Metals And Alloys
Predrag Andric, William Curtin
 12:40-13:00The Effect Of Reflected Stress Wave On Crack Speed In Quasi-statically Loaded Brittle Crystal
Merna Shaheen-Mualim, Dov Sherman
 13:00-13:20Steps And Branches: How Brittle Crack Fronts Create And Respond To Surface Structure
Itamar Kolvin, Jay Fineberg
Barbot12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Sylvain Barbot
 12:00-12:40Heterogeneous Rheology Controlled Postseismic Deformation Of The 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake
Jun Muto, Bunichiro Shibazaki, Takeshi Iinuma, Yoshihiro Ito, Yusaku Ohta, Satoshi Miura, Yoshihiko Nakai
 12:40-13:00Estimation Of The Rheological Properties Of The Indian Ocean Asthenosphere Using Geodetic Data
Sagar Shrishailappa Masuti, Sylvain Barbot, Shun-Ichiro Karato
 13:00-13:40Impact Of Visco-elastic Relaxation Following The 2010 Maule Earthquake In Chile On Adjacent Segments Of The Subduction
Emilie Klein, Christophe Vigny, Luce Fleitout

TUESDAY, 20 JUNE 2017 - Late Afternoon Session
Nie15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Guohua Nie, Linghui He
 15:00-15:20An Enhanced Xfem For Modelling Crack Deflection In Adhesive Joints
Sebastian Doelling, Nicolas Stein, Katherina Chalkiadaki, Wilfried Becker, Philipp Weissgraeber
 15:20-15:40Crack Growth Simulation In Elastic Materials And Interaction With Strong And Weak Interfaces
Johannes Scheel, Andreas Ricoeur
 15:40-16:00Improvement Of Fracture Toughness By Utilizing The Material Inhomogeneity Effect
Roland Kasberger, Masoud Sistaninia, Bruno Buchmayr, Otmar Kolednik
 16:00-16:20Phase-field Simulation Of Fracture In Lithium-ion Battery Electrodes
Ying Zhao, Bai-Xiang Xu, Peter Stein
 16:20-16:40Interfacial Behavior Of Pipe Joints Subjected To Elevated Temperature
Hong Yuan
Iyyer15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Nagaraja Iyyer
 15:00-15:20Phase-field Models Of Brittle And Fatigue Crack Growth
Ataollah Mesgarnejad, Alain Karma
 15:20-15:40Electrochemical Stress Intensity Approach To Modeling Galvanic Coupling And Localized Damage Initiation In Structures.
Bill Nickerson, Keith Legg, Nagaraja Iyyer
 15:40-16:00Multiaxial Fatigue Behavior Of Selective Laser Melted Ti6al4v
Ali Fatemi, Reza Molaei, Nam Phan
BARENBLATT15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Robert Goldstein, Viggo Tvergaard, Zdenek Bazant
 15:00-15:20Ductile Fracture Dependence On Void Clustering
Viggo Tvergaard
 15:20-15:40Unraveling The Apparent Ductility Of Lath Martensite
Marc Geers, Chaowei Du, Francesco Maresca, Varvara Kouznetsova, Johan Hoefnagels, William Curtin
 15:40-16:00Criteria For Avoiding Collapse In Soft Systems
Yeguang Xue, Yonggang Huang
 16:00-16:20R-ratio Effects On Fatigue Delamination Propagation - Mode I
Leslie Banks-Sills, Ido Simon
 16:20-16:40First Passage Based Modeling Of Probabilistic Failure Of Polycrystalline Silicon Mems Structures
Jia-Liang Le
T2C415:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Raghu Prakash, Anthony Waas
 15:00-15:40Impact Damage In Fiber Reinforced Composites: Experiments And Modeling
Anthony Waas
 15:40-16:00Mechanical Behavior Of Natural Fiber And Hybrid Composites
Raghu Prakash, Monalisha Maharana
 16:00-16:20Stochastic Fiber Fragmentation In Ud-frps Under Longitudinal Loading – A Micromechanical Analysis
NITHIN PARAMBIL, Suhasini Gururaja
 16:20-16:40Dynamic Mechanical Behavior Of Peek Composites Reinforced With Short Fibers
Chunyang Chen, Chao Zhang, Yulong Li
Bogdanov15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Vyacheslav Bogdanov, Roman Kushnir
 15:00-15:20Orthogonal Polynomials Method And Its Generalization At Some New Problems Of Fracture Mechanics
Natalya Vaysfeld, Victor Reut, Ganna Fesenko, Zinaida Zhuravlova
 15:20-15:40The Stress State Of Cylindrical Bodies Wits Tonelss Defects During Harmonic Oscilation
Olga Kyrylova, Vsevolod Popov
 15:40-16:00Analysis Of The Three-layer Plate’s Absorption Of Vibration In The Ground
Natalia Lokteva, Dmitry Tarlakovskii
 16:00-16:20The Effect Of Mass Transfer On The Stress-strain State Of Elastic Medium
Sergey Davydov, Andrei Zemskov, Dmitry Tarlakovskii
Ruiz15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Gonzalo Ruiz, Héctor Cifuentes, Rena C. Yu, Pilar Ariza
 15:00-15:20Correlating The Permeability Of Mortar Under Compression With Connected Porosity And Tortuosity
Vivek Bindiganavile, Muhammad Mamun
 15:20-15:40Improving Mechanical Performance And Fracture Characteristics In Hybrid Cnf And Pp/mortar Composites
 15:40-16:00Effect Of Mwcnts’ Density, Aspect Ratio And Functionalization On The Fracture Parameters Of Nanomodified Mortars
 16:00-16:20Experimental Measurements Of Fracture Energy In Split Cylinder Specimens Of Ultra High Performance Concrete
Dmitry Loshkov, Roman Kravchuk, Eric Landis
 16:20-16:40Non-local Damage Model For Concrete Under Variable Amplitude Loading
T2A1015:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Nobuo NAGASHIMA, Ryosuke Matsumoto
 15:00-15:20Flow Stress Model For Hydrogen Degraded Inconel 718
Niklas Ehrlin
 15:20-15:40Fracture Mechanical Studies Of Additive Manufactured Ti6al4v By Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction
 15:40-16:00The Effect Of Heat Treatment On Hydrogen Environment-assisted Cracking Of A Nickel-based Superalloy
Zachary Harris, Sean Agnew, John Scully, James Burns
 16:00-16:20Dislocation Motion Induced By Hydrogen Adsorption On Thin Film: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Ryosuke Matsumoto, Naoki Kishimoto, Shinya Taketomi
 16:20-16:40Evaluation Of Hydrogen Influence On Plastic Deformation Behavior Of Ferritic Low Alloy Steels By The Nano-indentation Method
Franco15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: David A. Cendón Franco, Filippo Berto, Sergio Cicero
 15:00-15:20Fracture Of Notched Samples In Additive Manufactured Polyamides: Influence Of The Strain Rate
Marcos Crespo, Maria Teresa Gomez-del Rio, Jesus Rodriguez
 15:20-15:40Application Of The Strain Energy Density Criterion To The Analysis Of Fracture Loads In Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyamide 6
Sergio Cicero, Francisco Tomás Ibáñez, Virginia Madrazo, Filippo Berto
 15:40-16:00Hamiltonian Formalisms Applied To 2d- Piezoelectric Medium Containing A V-notch
Jean Marie NIANGA, Naman RECHO
T2B1315:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Michael Marx, Wei Zhang
 15:00-15:20Measuring The Influence Of Resdual Stresses On Fatigue Crack Propagation By Dic, Bemi And Synchrotron Diffraction
Matthias Thielen, Michael Marx, Christian Motz
 15:20-15:40The Modification Of Generalized Willenborg Model With The Consideration Of Delayed Retardation
Xiaohua Guo, Yazhi Li, Panpan Feng
 15:40-16:00A State-based Fatigue Crack Growth Model Considering The Interaction Effects Under Variable Amplitude Loading
Shan Jiang, Wei Zhang, Zili Wang
 16:00-16:20Vibration-based Fatigue Damage And Fracture Investigation Of A Special Sheet Specimen With Surface Notch
Wei Xu
T2B515:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Xiaoming Bai, Xiang Guo
ROOM 211
 15:00-15:20The Investigateion Of Damage And Fracture Behavior Of Particle Reinforced Composites At Meso-scale Under Complex Impact Loads
Xiaoming Bai, Licheng Guo, Kaikai Shi, Liangang Zheng
 15:20-15:40Establishment Of Representative Volume Elements For The Analysis Of Microstructurally Small Cracks In Polycrystalline Materials
Ashley Spear, Karen DeMille
 15:40-16:00Ductility Of Bimodal Nanostructured Metals: A 3d Microstructure-based Numerical Study
Qidong Ouyang, Xiang Guo, Xiqiao Feng
Kitamura15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Takayuki Kitamura, Hiroyuki Hirakata, Jianying He, Takashi Sumigawa
 15:00-15:20The Duality Of Grain Boundary On The Incipient Plasticity Under Hydrogen Environment
Kai Zhao, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
 15:20-15:40Ebsd Analysis Of Local Lattice Rotation Below Fracture Surface
Yoshihisa Kaneko
 15:40-16:00Evaluation Of Mechano-electric Properties For Vls-grown Core/shell Silicon Carbide Nanowires
Shinya Nakata, Daiki Imoto, Francesca Rossi, Giancarlo Salviati, Alois Lugstein, Koji Sugano, Yoshitada Isono
 16:00-16:20A Novel Micro-mechanical Approach For The Evaluation Of Grain Boundary Embrittlement
Yoshimasa Takahashi, Ryo Asano, Itaru Ashida, Shigeo Arai, Kimitaka Higuchi, Yuta Yamamoto, Shunsuke Muto
 16:20-16:40Effects Of Vacuum On Fatigue Crack Propagation In Freestanding Copper Submicron Films
Toshiyuki Kondo, Masaya Akasaka, Hiroyuki Hirakata, Kohji Minoshima
Gumbsch15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Peter Gumbsch, Gianpietro Moras
 15:00-15:20Atomistic Modeling Of History-independent Cyclic Fatigue Of Nanotwinned Metals Governed By Correlated Necklace Dislocations
Huajian Gao, Haofei Zhou
 15:20-15:40Deformation And Fracture At Grain Boundaries: Can We Include Atomistic Effects In Mesoscale Descriptions Via A Few Physical Parameters?
Rebecca Janisch, Mansour Kanani, Xueyong Pang, Arshad Tahir, Alexander Hartmaier
 15:40-16:00Influence Of Dislocation - Grain Boundary Interactions On The Damage Evolution Studied By In-situ Micro Fatigue Experiments
Christian Motz
Barbot15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Sylvain Barbot
 15:00-16:00Dynamic Rupture Of Creeping Fault Segments And Deeper Fault Extensions
Nadia Lapusta
 16:00-16:20A Revised Model Of The Period-doubling Parkfield Tremors
Deepa Mele Veedu, Sylvain Barbot

TUESDAY, 20 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
Nie17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Guohua Nie, Linghui He
 17:00-17:20Stress Field In An Elliptic Inhomogeneity Embedded In Anisotropic Media With An Intermediate Phase Material
Zhiqiang Huang, Cheong-ki Chan , Guohua Nie
 17:20-17:40Stability Of Straight-sided Blister With Ridge Crack
Shichen Li, Linghui He, Yong Ni
 17:40-18:00Phase Field Modeling Of Combined Buckling And Cracking In Brittle Thin Films On Elastic Substrates
Yong Ni, Shichen Li, Senjiang Yu, Linghui He
 18:00-18:20Surface Effect On Band Structure Of A Plate Periodically Arrayed By Circular Holes
Shan Jiang, Hongping Hu, Qin Qian, Yuantai Hu
BARENBLATT17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Robert Goldstein, Viggo Tvergaard, Zdenek Bazant
 17:00-17:20Damage-tolerance In Structural Engineering And Biological Materials
Robert Ritchie, Bernd Gludovatz
 17:20-17:40Thernal Migration Of An Elastic Filament Along The Faces Of A Crack
Colleen Freund
 17:40-18:00Mechanics And Chemistry Of Highly Stretchable Materials
Zhigang Suo
 18:00-18:20Deformation And Fracture Of Graphene Oxide Monolayers
Horacio Espinosa, Rafael Soler-Crespo, Lily Mao, Wei Gao, Xiaoding Wei, SonBinh Nguyen
 18:20-18:40Topological Toughening Of Graphene And Other 2d Materials
Huajian Gao
Bogdanov17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Vyacheslav Bogdanov, Roman Kushnir
 17:00-17:20The Solution Method Of Nonaxisymmetric Problems Of Stress Concentration For An Inhomogeneous Transversal Isotropic Space With Interfacial Cracks And Inclusions
Oleksand Kryvyi
 17:20-17:40Non-stationary Related Electromagnetoelastic Bodies Of Spherical Shape
Vladimir Vestyak, Dmitry Tarlakovskii
 17:40-18:00Estimation Of Operational Life Of Acting Energetic Equipment With Accounting For A Material Degradation, Damages And Repair Procedures
Bogdan Drobenko, Roman Kushnir, Stepan Budz
 18:00-18:20An Electrically Conducting Interface Crack With A Contact Zone In A Piezoelectric/piezomagnetic Bimaterial
Volodymyr Loboda, Alina Grynevych
Ruiz17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Gonzalo Ruiz, Héctor Cifuentes, Rena C. Yu, Pilar Ariza
 17:00-17:20Dynamic Mixed-mode Fracture Of Self-compacting Steel-fiber Reinforced Concrete
Gonzalo Ruiz, Luiz Carlos de Almeida, Angel de la Rosa, Elisa Poveda, Xiaoxin Zhang, Manuel Tarifa
 17:20-17:40Sample Size And Probabilistic Error In Concrete Fatigue Characterisation
Jose Joaquin Ortega, Gonzalo Ruiz, Rena C. Yu
 17:40-18:00Influence Of Fibres On The Tensile Fracture Behavior Of The Matrix Of Ultra-high Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Hector Cifuentes, Carlos Leiva, Emilio Gomez, Pilar Ariza
 18:00-18:20A New Way To Derive The Total Fracture Work Of Concrete Tests
Alfonso Fernandez Canteli, Laura Castanon-Jano, Hector Cifuentes, Miguel Muniz Calvente, Enrique Castillo
 18:20-18:40Micro-mechanical Model To Study The Effect Of Mortar-aggregate Interface Cracks In Concrete
Sudakshina Dutta, Kishen Chandra
T2A1017:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Sudhakar Rao Gorja, Takumi Haruna
 17:00-17:20Effect Of Annealing Temperature On Susceptibility To Hydrogen Embrittlement Of Interstital-free Steel With Ultra-fine Grain Structure
Takumi Haruna, Yuichi Nakagawa, Youhei Hirohata, Daisuke Terada, Nobuhiro Tsuji
 17:20-17:40Effect Of Dynamic Strain Ageing And Steel Sulphur Content On Hydrogen Embrittlement In Low Alloy Rpv Steels
Sudhakar Rao Gorja, Zaiqing Que, Hans-Peter Seifert, Philippe Spaetig, Stefan Ritter
 17:40-18:00Atomistic Study Of Hydrogen Embrittlement Of Grain Boundaries In Nickel
Ali Tehranchi, William A. Curtin
 18:00-18:20Fatigue Crack Growth Under High Pressure Hydrogen Accerelated By Hydrogen Accumulation In Notch Tip Region
Nobuyuki Ishikawa
T2B1517:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Sotirios Grammatikos, Kaita Ito
 17:00-17:20Analysis Of Continuous Acoustic Emission Waveform For Noise Tolerant And Precise Source Location
Kaita Ito, Manabu Enoki
 17:20-17:40Evaluation Of Cyclic Damage Of Structural Steels By Magnetic Ndt Methods
Ludmila Botvina, Viktor Levin, Marat Tyutin, Alexey Soldatenkov, Julia Demina, Veronika Trunova, Alexey Efimov
 17:40-18:00Concrete Setting And Hardening Monitoring Using A Novel Graphene-based Sensor
Sotirios Grammatikos, Ingemar Loefgren, Tang Luping, Lilei Ye, Johan Liu
 18:00-18:20Quantative Fractography In Transporation Accident Investigation At The National Transporatation Safety Board
Michael Budinski
 18:20-18:40Nondestructive Evaluation On Hydrogen Embrittlement Based On The Finite Element Method
T2C717:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Anuradha Banerjee, Luis Saucedo Mora
ROOM 211
 17:00-17:20Three Dimensional Characterization And Multi-scale Modelling Of Damage In Natural Biomaterials
Liye Yan, Luis Saucedo Mora, James Marrow
 17:20-17:40Effect Of Moisture Content On Mode I And Mode Ii Fracture Toughness Of Walnut And Cherry
Koji Murata, Erik Valentine Bachtiar, Peter Niemz
 17:40-18:00Role Of Porosity Network In Splitting Fracture Of Bovine Cortical Bone
Ashwij Mayya, Anuradha Banerjee, Rajesh R
 18:00-18:20Fracture And Impact Resistance Of Skull Cellular Bones
Qianqian Wu, Li Ma, Lina Feng, Linzhi Wu, Jian Xiong
Gumbsch17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Peter Gumbsch, Gianpietro Moras
 17:00-17:20Influence Of Atomic-scale Heterogeneities On Fracture Behaviour Of B2 Nial
Polina Baranova
 17:20-17:40Critical Variables In Crack Dynamics Of Brittle Crystals
Dov Sherman, Merna Shaheen-Mualim
 17:40-18:00Two Level Modeling Of Dynamical Plasticity And Fracture Of Aluminum
Vasiliy Krasnikov, Alexander Mayer
 18:00-18:203d Aspects Of Fracture And Effects Due To Crack Front Curvature
Erik Bitzek, Polina Baranova, Johannes J. Moeller
Barbot17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Sylvain Barbot
 17:00-17:50Slow Earthquakes – A Major Player In The Plate Boundary Fault Dynamics
Abhijit Ghosh
 17:50-18:40A Proposal Of Monitoring And Forecasting System For Crustal Activity In And Around Japan Using A Large-scale High-fidelity Finite Element Simulation Codes
Takane Hori, Tsuyoshi Ichimura, Kohei Fujita, Ryoichiro Agata, Takuma Yamaguchi, Narumi Takahashi

TUESDAY, 20 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
T2B417:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Evgeny Lomakin, Harry Coules
 17:00-17:20Damage Modelling And Anisotropic Nonlinear Behavior Of Composite Materials
Evgeny Lomakin, Boris Fedulov, Alexey Fedorenko
 17:20-17:40Fracture Mechanics Versus Damage Mechanics; Pre- And Post-cracking In Creep Conditions
Krzysztof Nowak
 17:40-18:00Preisach Model For Plastic And Damage Hysteretic Behavior Of Mild Steel
Dragoslav Sumarac, Petar Knezevic, Zoran Perovic
 18:00-18:20Validity Of Interaction Criteria For Co-planar Semi-elliptical Defects
Harry Coules
 18:20-18:40Intermediate Stress Asymptotics In The Vicinity Of The Crack Tip In A Damaed Power Law Material Under Mixed Mode Loading
Larisa Stepanova, Ekaterina Mironova
 18:40-19:00A Damage Mechanics Based Non-local Method For Fatigue Life Prediction Of Sharp Notched Component
Yang Tong, Qingchun Meng, Weiping Hu
 19:00-19:20Fracture And Damage Of Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings Systems
Yueguang Wei
T2B1417:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Ya-zhi Li, Mahmoud Mostafavi
 17:00-17:20Residual Stress Evaluation In Brittle Materials: Indentation Cracking-based Approaches
Felix Rickhey, Karuppasamy Pandian Marimuthu, Hyungyil Lee
 17:20-17:40The Effect Of Laser Cladding On Rail Failure: Measurement Of Residual Stresses And Response To Cyclic Loading
Aditya Narayanan, Mahmoud Mostafavi, Matthew Peel, Martyn Pavier
 17:40-18:00Analytical And Numerical Prediction Of Thermal Residual Stress In T/ebcs
Min-ge Duan, Ya-zhi Li
 18:00-18:20Effect Of Cold Forming On The Fatigue Crack Propagation In Al2024t351 Self-reinforced Panels
Raphael CUSSET
 18:20-18:40Investigating The Effect Of Process Parameters On Residual Stress Evolution In Plasma Transferred Arc (pta) Cladding For Additive Manufacturing Of Ti-6al-4v
Hadi Moztarzadeh, Gregory Gibbons, Sampan Seth, Hoda Amel, Richard J Dashwood, Sanjooram Paddea, Darren J. Hughes
 18:40-19:00Studying The Effect Of Residual Stress On Fracture Using Fixed Displacement Four-point Bending
Sam Oliver, Mahmoud Mostafavi, Martyn Pavier
Kitamura17:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Takayuki Kitamura, Hiroyuki Hirakata, Jianying He, Takashi Sumigawa
 17:00-17:20Criterion For Crack Propagation Due To Nanometer-scale Singular Stress Field In Silicon Single Crystal
Takashi Sumigawa, Shinsaku Ashida, Takayuki Kitamura
 17:20-17:40Effects Of Film Thickness On Creep Crack Propagation Mechanisms Of Gold Submicron Films
Hiroyuki Hirakata, Ryota Kotoge, Yuya Maegawa, Toshiyuki Kondo, Kohji Minoshima
 17:40-18:00Ultimately Small Multiferroics Designed By Lattice Defects In Ferroelectrics
Takahiro Shimada, Tao Xu, Jie Wang, Takayuki Kitamura
 18:00-18:20Nanoscale Fracture Of Individual Metal-coated Polymer Spheres For Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive
Jianying He
 18:20-18:40Nanoscale Ice Adhesion Mechanics
Senbo Xiao, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
 18:40-19:00Atomic Scale Degradation Of The Initial Strengthened Micro Texture Of Heat-resistant Alloys Under Creep And Fatigue Loadings
Hideo Miura, Takuya Murakoshi, Taichi Shinozaki, Ken Suzuki

TUESDAY, 20 JUNE 2017 - Early Afternoon Session
T2C1012:00-14:00 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Daolun Chen, Jani Romanoff
 12:00-12:40Fatigue And Durability Of Welded Joints For Lightweight Structural Applications – A Review
 12:40-13:00Fatigue Strength Of Butt-welded Joints With Undercuts
Ceferino Steimbreger, Mirco Daniel Chapetti
 13:00-13:20Investigation Of The Fatigue Behaviour Of Laser Stake-welded T-joints
Pasquale Gallo, Heikki Remes, Jani Romanoff
 13:20-13:40A Technique For Measuring The Local Tensile Properties Of Narrow Weld Regions
William Brayshaw, Andrew Sherry, Peter James
 13:40-14:00Experimental Study And Numerical Prediction Of The Fracture Of Titanium Alloy Welded Joints
Benjamin SARRE, Sylvain Flouriot, Guillaume Geandier, Benoit Panicaud, Victor De Rancourt
Theotokoglou12:00-14:00 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Efstathios Theotokoglou, Emilio Sideridis
 12:00-12:40Micromechanical Modelling And Interfacial Strength Prediction Of Multidirectional Laminated Fibre Reinforced Polymers
Akos Bolyky, Ioannis Giannopoulos, Efstathios Theotokoglou
 12:40-13:00Sensitivity Of Composite Scarf Joints To Manufacturing Deviation And Disbond Under Tensile Load
David Larkin, Ioannis Giannopoulos, Efstathios Theotokoglou
 13:00-13:20A Numerical Investigation On Energy Methods In Fracture Mechanics Applied On A Cracked Sandwich Beam Subjected In Flexural Loading
Efstathios Theotokoglou, Ilias Tourlomousis
 13:20-13:40Mechanical And Fracture Properties Of Sandwich-walled Composite Cylinders With Lattice Truss Cores
Jian Xiong, Yuntong Du, Xingyu Wei, Qianqian Wu
 13:40-14:00Progressive Fracture Of Brittle-ductile Phase Laminates
Qiang Chen, Wenqiong Tu, Xuefeng Chen, Marek-Jerzy Pindera

TUESDAY, 20 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
T2C417:00-19:20 Evening SessionChair: Ralf Lach, Michael Czabaj
 17:00-17:20Mixed Mode Fracture Mechanics Behaviour Of Pmma
Ralf Lach, Wolfgang Grellmann
 17:20-17:40Development Of A Modified Edge Crack Torsion Test For Mode Iii Fracture Toughness Of Laminated Composites
Michael Czabaj, Clay Audd, Barry Davidson, James Ratcliffe
 17:40-18:00Application Of Axisymmetric Crack Layer Theory For Predicting Discontinuous Slow Crack Growth Of Hdpe With Circular Notched Bar Specimen
Jung-Wook Wee, Byoung-Ho Choi
 18:00-18:20Notch Brittleness Of Nano Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate
Machiko Mizoguchi, Takashi Kuriyama
 18:20-18:40An Initial Investigation Of Polymer Gear Fracture And Its Mechanisms
Ken Mao
 18:40-19:00Free-edge Effect On The Failure Behavior Of Triaxially Braided Composite
Chao Zhang, Yulong Li
 19:00-19:20Carbon Nanofiller And Core-shell Rubber Nanoparticle Modified Structural Epoxy Adhesives

WEDNESDAY, 21 JUNE 2017 - Morning Session
T2A610:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: J. Brian Jordon, Sylvie POMMIER
 10:00-10:20A Fracture Mechanics Approach To Investigate Lubricated Rolling-sliding Contact Fatigue
Simone Ancellotti, Matteo Benedetti, Michele Dallago, Vigilio Fontanari
 10:20-10:40Crack Initiation And Propagation Behaviors Under Rolling Contact Fatigue Observed By Laminography Using Synchrotron Radiation X-ray
Yoshikazu Nakai, Daiki Shiozawa, Shoichi Kikuchi, Tomoya Obama, Hitoshi Saito, Taizo Makino, Yutaka Neishi
 10:40-11:00Understanding The Role Of Process History On The Fatigue Of Self-pierce Riveting
J. Brian Jordon
 11:00-11:20Experiences With Fretting Fatigue In Medium Speed Reciprocating Engines
Steffen Loen Sunde, Filippo Berto, Bjorn Haugen, Svein Kristian Eidsvik
 11:20-11:40Multi-scale Approach For The Analysis Of The Stress Gradient Effect In Fretting-fatigue.
Sylvie POMMIER, Claudio Montebello, Yoann Guilhem, Guillaume Rousseau
Wanhill10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Min Liao, Russell Wanhill
 10:00-10:40The Lead Crack Concept: An Overview
Loris Molent, Simon Barter , Russell Wannhill
 10:40-11:00F-16 Wing Test Fatigue Crack Growth Quantitative Analysis
Anne Oldersma, Marcel Bos, Frank Grooteman
 11:00-11:20Static Testing For Rapid Fatigue Certification
Loris Molent, Simon Barter
 11:20-11:40Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics Fatigue Analyses For Two Helicopter Service Failures
Petrov10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Yuri Petrov, Vadim Silbeschmidt
 10:00-10:20Air-blast Fracture In Woven Carbon Fibre/epoxy Laminates
Laurence A. Coles, Craig Tilton, Anish Roy, Arun Shukla, Vadim V. Silberschmidt
 10:20-10:40Dynamic Fracture And Fragmentation Of Heat Shocked Granites
Mikko Hokka, Ahmad Mardoukhi, Veli-Tapani Kuokkala
 10:40-11:00Impact Fracturing Of Materials Driven By The Release Of Kinetic Energy Of Shear Strain Rate Field In Forming Particles
Ferhun Caner, Zdenek Bazant, Kedar Kirane
 11:00-11:20Spent Nuclear Fuel Dynamic Reliability Under Normal Condition Of Transport With Periodic Transient Shocks
Jy-An Wang, Hong Wang, Hao Jiang
 11:20-11:40Spall Fracture In The Presence Of Nanorelief Or Deposited Nanoparticles On Rear Surface: Molecular Dynamic Investigation
Andrei Ebel, Alexader Mayer
T2A910:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Thierry Auger, Dhinakaran Sampath
 10:00-10:20Liquid Metal Embrittlement Of The 316l Austenitic Steel By Eutectic Gain
Thierry Auger, Helene Baketi
 10:20-10:40Numerical Prediction Of Crack Growth For Corroded Steel
Daren Peng
 10:40-11:00Corrosion Fatigue Crack Growth Rate At Low Cyclic Frequencies
Dhinakaran Sampath, Raghu Prakash
T2C210:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Andreas Hornig, Laurent Ponson
 10:00-10:20Assessment Of Visco Elastic Wave Propagation In Fibre Reinforced Composites Causing Delaminations
Andreas Hornig, Sandro Nitschke, Maik Gude
 10:20-10:40Consituent Property Evaluation Of Ceramic Matrix Composites By Nanoindentation
Abhilash Nagaraja, Udayakumar A, Suhasini Gururaja
 10:40-11:00Evolution Of Hardness And Young’s Modulus With Phase Transformation Of Eb-pvd Thermal Barrier Coatings Corroded By Volcanic Ash
Jie Xia, Li Yang, Yi Chun Zhou
 11:00-11:20Intermittency And Localization In Quasi-brittle Failure Of Heterogeneous Materials
Estelle Berthier, Vincent Demery, Laurent Ponson
 11:20-11:40Recycling Failed Rebco Superconductor Bulk Using The Ndbcofilm-seeded Tsmg Method
Qu10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Shaoxing Qu, Huajian Gao
 10:00-10:20Influence Of Microstructural Gradients On Fracture: A Mesoscale-sensitive Approach
Gustavo Castelluccio, Hojun Lim, John Emery, Corbett Battaile
 10:20-10:40Multiscale Modeling Of High-dynamic Strength Of Cementitious Materials Under Impact And Blast Loads
Eva Binder
 10:40-11:00Fatigue Facrure Of Hydrogels
Zhigang Suo
 11:00-11:20Soft Mobile Robots Driven By Foldable Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
jinxiong zhou
 11:20-11:40Transient And Steady-state Analysis Of Crack Growth In Hydrogels
Rui Huang, Yalin Yu, Chad Landis
T2A310:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: David Wilkinson, John Bassani
 10:00-10:20Application Of X-ray Tomography To The Study Of Void Growth And Coalescence During Ductile Fracture
David Wilkinson
 10:20-10:40Effects Of Microstructural Evolution On Strain Localization And Ductile Failures
John Bassani
 10:40-11:00An Experimental Investigation Of Lode Effects On Ductile Fracture
Joshua Herrington, Amine Benzerga
 11:00-11:20Experimental And Numerical Fracture Analysis Of Stiffened Panels With Multi-site Cracks
Zeljko Bozic, Filip Kovacic, Siegfried Schmauder
 11:20-11:40Optimizing The Calculated Crack Size For Single Edge Bend Specimens Of A Dissimilar Metal Weld
Sebastian Lindqvist
Xu10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Su Xu, Timothy
 10:00-10:20Arrest Of Fast Ductile Fracture In High-pressure Gas Pipelines: Material Characterization And Specification
Su Xu, William R. Tyson, Timothy Weeks
 10:20-10:40Use Of A Ring Specimen For Determination Of Steel Ndt From Pipe Of Diameter Less Than Dn 500
Mohamed Ben Amarra, Julien Capelle, Zitoune Azari, Guy Pluvinage
 10:40-11:00Study Of The Toughness Of Welded Api Steels As A Function Of The Heat Input And Microstructure.
Fernando Guzman, Moises Hinojosa, Eduardo Frias, Elisa Schaeffer
 11:00-11:20A Numerical Model For Unstable Ductile Crack Propagation And Arrest In Offshore Pipelines
Takahiro Hosoe, Kazuki Shibanuma, Hiroaki Nakai, Akiyasu Morita, Shuji Aihara
 11:20-11:40Numerical Simulation Of Ductile Fracture In Pipeline Steels Under Bending And Tensile Loading Conditions
Chris Bassindale, Xin Wang, William Tyson, Su Xu
T2B210:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Nikolaos Aravas, Costy Kodsi
 10:00-10:20Finite Element Methods For Piezoelectricity And Flexoelectricity With Fracture Mechanics Applications
Nikolaos Aravas, Mao Sheng, Prashant Purohit
 10:20-10:40Lattice Models In Mechanics And Physics Of Solids
Costy Kodsi, Andrey Jivkov
 10:40-11:00The Finite Differences Technique For Solving Crack Problems In A Functionally Graded Material
Avraham Dorogoy
 11:00-11:20Residual Stresses And Deformations In Additively Manufactured Parts
Andrew Shapiro-Scharlotta
 11:20-11:40A Voxel-based Meshing Framework For The Simulation Of Arbitrary 3d Crack Growth In Heterogeneous Materials
Ashley Spear, Brian Phung
Yu10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Shouwen Yu, Qunyang Li
 10:00-10:40Nanoscale Fracture And Rupture Properties Of Graphene
Kyung-Suk Kim
 10:40-11:00Fracture Behavior Of Polycrystalline Graphene Investigated By Indentation Tests
guoxin cao
 11:00-11:20Strength And Wettability Of Graphene From Theoretical Perspective
Donggyu Kim, Sangryun Lee, Jihoon Han, Seunghwa Ryu
 11:20-11:40Computational Modeling Of The Mechanics And Fracture Of 2d Materials With Defects And Grain Boundaries
Zhao Qin, Gang Seob Jung, Shanshan Wang, Francisco Martin-Martinez, Jamie Warner, Markus Buehler
Lambros10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: John Lambros, H. Sehitoglu
 10:00-10:20Fatigue Crack Growth Thresholds: Role Of Twin And Grain Boundaries
Changgong Kim, Renato Bichara, John Lambros, Huseyin Sehitoglu
 10:20-10:40Ni50.3ti25hf24.7 Functional Fatigue – Instabilities In The Transformation Strains
Wael Abuzaid, Huseyin Sehitoglu
 10:40-11:00Role Of Microstructure Evolution On The Creep-fatigue Interaction In Ni-base Superalloys
Sanam Gorgannejad, Ernesto Estrada Rodas, Richard Neu
 11:00-11:20A Multi-scale Model For Fatigue Damage And Life Prediction Of Composite Joints
Anthony Waas, Paul Davidson
 11:20-11:40Modelling The High Temperature Fatigue Life Of Notched Single Crystal Superalloy Components
Luc REMY, Faten Bourbita
Aifantis10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Katerina Aifantis, A. Konstantinidis, V. Papanikolaou, E.C. Aifantis
 10:00-10:20Fracto-emissions As Seismic Precursors
Oscar Borla, Alberto Carpinteri
 10:20-10:40Gradient Effects On Crack Tip Mechanics
Emilio Martinez-Paneda
 10:40-11:00Mechanically Induced Interface Energy Terms
Katerina Aifantis
 11:00-11:20Cavity Formation And Fracture In Pentagonal Microparticles
Alexey E. Romanov, Anastasia N. Priezzheva, Maxim V. Dorogov, Mikhail Yu. Gutkin, Anna L. Kolesnikova, Dorogin Leonid M., Igor S. Yasnikov, Anatoly A. Vikarchuk, Elias C. Aifantis
 11:20-11:40The Metod Of Integro-differential Relations In Problems Of Gradient Elasticity
Sergey Lychev, Georgy Kostin, Vasily Saurin
Gao10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Yukui Gao, Qingxiang ynag
 10:00-10:20Tests On The Thermal Stress Induced Warping Effects In The Polysilicon Solar Cells/panels
Hualin Guo, Meng Xu, Hong Zuo, Qida Liu
 10:20-10:40Microscopic Study On The Mechenism Of Damage And Micro-crack Propagation In The Polysilicon Solar Cell
Yangbo Zhang, Qida Liu, Meng Xu, Hong Zuo, Rong Wang
 10:40-11:00Fretting Fatigue Behaviors Of Ag-tin Soft Solid Lubricating Films On Titanium Alloy
Dongxing Du
 11:00-11:20Influence Of Strength And Residual Stress On Fretting Wear And Fatigue Behavior Of Surface Alloyed Ti6al4v Alloy
Jin Gang Tang
 11:20-11:40Effects Of Micro-mechanical Properties On Fracture Location In Friction Stir Welds Of 7050 Aluminum Alloy During Very High Cycle Fatigue Test
Baoming Gong, Caiyan Deng, Tinghui Yin

WEDNESDAY, 21 JUNE 2017 - Early Afternoon Session
T2A612:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Raghu Prakash
 12:00-12:20Computational Fretting Maps Of Cylinder-plane Fretting Fatigue Model
Jiejiang Zhao, Lichen Tang, Hao Qian, Yongzhong Huo
 12:20-12:40Finite Element Modeling Of Sliding Transition During Fretting
Pankaj Dhaka, Raghu Prakash
 12:40-13:00Numerical Analysis Of Fretting Fatigue Crack Propagation Using Xfem
Diego Infante-Garcia, Giner Eugenio, Miguelez Maria Henar, Diaz-Alvarez Jose
Wanhill12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Loris Molent, Russell Wanhill
 12:00-12:40Recent Advances On Holistic Structural Integrity Process (holsip) Development
Min Liao, Paul Clark
 12:40-13:00Fatigue Crack Growth Simulation With Engineering Residual Stress Effects
Guillaume Renaud, Min Liao
 13:00-13:20A Study Of Fatigue Scatter In Aluminium Alloy 7050-t7451
Loris Molent, Ben Dixon, Simon Barter
 13:20-13:40Decoupling Of Corrosion And Fatigue
Dinaz Tamboli, Rhys Jones, Simon Barter
T2A912:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Yakui Bai, Shengqi Zhou
 12:00-12:20Electrochemical Crack Size Effect In Environmentally Assisted Crack Growth
Shengqi Zhou, Alan Turnbull
 12:20-12:40Modelling Of Igscc Mechanism Trough Coupling Of A Potetial-based Cohesive Model And Fick’s Second Law
Michal Sedlak, Bo Alfredsson, Pal Efsing
 12:40-13:00Environmental Effect On Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviors Of Alloy52m Dissimilar Metal Weld Joint In Simulated Pwr Water
Chen Sun, Yakui Bai, Huailin Li
T2C212:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Annamaria Naughton - Duszova, Oldrich Sevecek
 12:00-12:20Fracture Toughness And Fracture Of Zrb2 Ceramic Based Composites
Annamaria Naughton - Duszova, E. Bączek, A. Dubiel, M. Podsiadło
 12:20-12:40Modelling Of The Ceramic Foam Behaviour Upon Tensile Loading
Oldrich Sevecek, Petr Skalka, Michal Kotoul
 12:40-13:00Statistical Strength Distribution In Cvi Processed Ceramic Matrix Composite With Boron Nitride Interphase
Abhilash Nagaraja, Shyam Kishore, Udaya Kumar, Suhasini Gururaja
 13:00-13:20Low Velocity Impact Behavior And Mechanical Performance After Impact Of 2-dimensional C/sic Composites
Leijiang Yao
Qu12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Shaoxing Qu, Huajian Gao
 12:00-12:20Interfacial Welding Of Dynamic Covalent Network Polymers
H. Jerry Qi
 12:20-12:40Deformation Behavior Of Soft Elastic Membranes Punctured By Rigid Indenters
Shaoxing Qu, Junjie Liu
 12:40-13:00Reactive Swelling Of Polyelectrolyte Gels
Pengfei Wang
 13:00-13:20Tunability Of Soft Phononic Crystals Via Large Deformation
Ronghao BAO, Weiqiu CHEN, Yilian HUANG
 13:20-13:40Understanding Order Out Of Chaos In Skeletal Muscle Contraction
bin chen
T2A312:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Dina Orlova, Yazid MADI
 12:00-12:20Ductile Fracture Viewed As Collapse Of Localized Plasticity Auto-wave
Dina Orlova, Lev Zuev
 12:20-12:40Nanovoids Coalescence By Internal Necking
Jeremy Hure, Valentin Gallican
 12:40-13:00Effects Of Nonproportional Loading On Ductile Fracture Loci
Haiyang Yu, Jim Stian Olsen, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
 13:00-13:20Developpement Of Micro-sent Test To Determine Toughness Using X-ray Synchrotron Tomography
Yazid MADI, Loic Courtois, Clement Soret, Marie-Christine Demizieux, Andrew King, Henry Proudhon, Jacques Besson
Xu12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Su Xu, Timothy
 12:00-12:20Influence Of Flap Pressure Load On The Numerical Prediction Of Running Ductile Fracture Arrest In Line Pipe Applications
Andreas Mondry, Marion Erdelen-Peppler, Christoph Kalwa
 12:20-12:40Ctoa And Standard Test Method Using Drop-weight Tear Tests (dwtt)
Su Xu, William R. Tyson, C.H.M. Simha, Mark Gesing, Jie Liang
 12:40-13:00Challenges In Fluid-structure Modeling Of Crack Propagation And Arrest In Modern Steel Pipelines
Aida Nonn, Marcelo Paredes, Hakon Ottar Nordhagen, Svend Tollak Munkejord, Tomasz Wierzbicki
 13:00-13:20Propagating Ductile Fracture - Verification Of An Alternative Model Based On J-integral Measurement
Marion Erdelen-Peppler
 13:20-13:40Analysis Of Crack Propagation Of Grade 550 (x80) Linepipe Using Full-scale Burst Test Data
Satoshi Igi, Cindy Guan, Brian Rothwell
T2B212:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Alexander Gruebel, Hadi Salavati
 12:00-12:20Fracture Mechanical Assessment Of Technical Components Based On Multiaxial Stress Fields
Alexander Gruebel, Hans Albert Richard, Gunter Kullmer
 12:20-12:40Effect Of Type And Size Of Element On The Critical Fracture Load Of Functionally Copper- Tool Steel Materials Under Mode I Loading
Mohammadreza Mosaddeghi, Hadi Salavati, Yoness Alizadeh
 12:40-13:00Prediction Of Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour In S355 Strutural Steel Using Xfem Technique
Anais JACOB, Silvia Cisotto, Ali Mehmanparast, Mehdi Yasaee
 13:00-13:20Numerical Simulation Of Reinforced Concrete Column Under Monotonic Loading By Fracture Mechnics Method
Hao Chen
 13:20-13:40Efficient Crack Path Prediction In 3d Structures Applying A Material Forces Appraoch
Paul Judt, Andreas Ricoeur
Lambros12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: John Lambros, H. Sehitoglu
 12:00-12:20Thermal Effects On Fatigue Crack Growth And Closure: Multiscale Digital Image Correlation Experiments
Mallory Casperson, John Lambros, Huseyin Sehitoglu
 12:20-12:40Thermo-mechanical Analysis Of Pseudo-elastic Niti Alloy Subjected To Cyclic Load
Franco Furgiuele, Pietro Magaro, Carmine Maletta, Fabrizio Niccoli, Emanuele Sgambitterra
 12:40-13:00The Role Of Twinning In Fatigue Damage Initiation Of Magnesium Alloys
Antonios Kontsos
 13:00-13:20High Temperature Fatigue Crack Growth Slip Irreversibility In A Ni-based Alloy
Garrett Pataky, Huseyin Sehitoglu
 13:20-13:40Mechanisms Of Fatigue Damage At Ambient And Elevated Temperatures In Heat Resistant Stainless Steels And Nickel Superalloys
Jaroslav Polak, Roman Petras, Veronika Mazanova
Aifantis12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Katerina Aifantis, A. Konstantinidis, V. Papanikolaou, E.C. Aifantis
 12:00-12:20Fracture Of Hydride Forming Metals Under Temperature Gradient – An Interdisciplinary Approach
 12:20-12:40Ductile Void Nucleation In Pure Bcc Metals Under Quasistatic Loading
Brad Boyce
 12:40-13:00Coupling Dislocation Based Incompatibilities With Continuum Damage
DOUGLAS BAMMANN, Adetokunbo Adedoyin
 13:00-13:20Learning Local Plastic Yield And Fracture Toughness Distributions From Crackling Noise Timeseries
Stefanos Papanikolaou
Elboujdaini12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Mimoun Elboujdaini, Ming Gao, Bill Tyson, Uday Arumugam
 12:00-12:20Initiation Of Stress Corrosion Cracking In Pipeline Steel: Gaping In Our Understanding Of The Subject [?]
Mimoun Elboujdaini, R. Winston Revie
 12:20-12:40Microstructural Origins Of Fatigue Crack Initiation And Growth Behavior In Aa7050-t7451 With Galvanically Induced Corrosion
Noelle Easter Co, Michael Sangid, James Burns
 12:40-13:00Crack Growth Behaviour During Elastic-plastic Fracture Testing Of Api X65 Steels In Sour Environment
Camila Finamore Gomes de Almeida, Enrique Mariano Castrodeza, Juan Elias Perez Ipina, Mihaela Eliza Cristea, Mourad Chekchaki

WEDNESDAY, 21 JUNE 2017 - Late Afternoon Session
T2B715:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Friedhelm Kretz, Tadeusz Lagoda
 15:00-15:20Analysis Of The Effect Of Metacaulin Addition On Concretes Submitted To High Aggressive Environments
Carolini Gomes, Daiane Godinho, Elaine Antunes, Marcio Vito, ALEXANDRE VARGAS
 15:20-15:40Calculating The Probability Of Fracture Over Operating Time For Hydro Power Machine Components
Friedhelm Kretz, Petter Ostby
 15:40-16:00Fatigue Life Distributions Generated By Stress-strength Interference Analysis
Liyang Xie, Jungang Ren, Bingfeng Zhao
 16:00-16:20Nominal Stress Method Of Vibration Fatigue Lifetime Analysis On Notched Specimen
Daiyang Gao, Weixing Yao
 16:20-16:40Comparison Of Fatigue Curves For Tension-compression And Bending
Andrzej Kurek, Justyna Koziarska, Marta Kurek, Anna Kulesa, Tadeusz Lagoda
Wanhill15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Rhys Jones, Rene Alderliesten
 15:00-15:40Structural Integrity For Historic Annex Ii Airplanes For Continuous Airworthiness
Michel Guillaume, Marina Vannelli, Xinyjing Liu
 15:40-16:00The Assessment Of Fatigue And Quasi-static Damage Directionality In Fibre Metal Laminates
Rene Alderliesten, Mayank Gupta, Rinze Benedictus
 16:00-16:20The Fatigue Life Improvement Of Laser Clad Repaired Aircraft Aluminium Alloy Structure Using Surface Enhancement Technology
Wyman Zhuang
 16:20-16:40Evaluation Of Multiaxial Fatigue Life Prediction Model For Ti-6al-4v
Hiroshi Nakamura
Bourdin15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Blaise Bourdin, Alain Karma
 15:00-15:20Phase Transformations And Fracture Of Battery Materials
Peter Voorhees, Devin O'Connor, Michael J. Welland, Wing-Kam Liu
 15:20-15:40A Phase-field Variational Approach To Model The Fracture Mechanisms Of Fabric-reinforced Cementitious Matrices
Giovanni Lancioni, Jacopo Donnini
 15:40-16:00A New Family Of Degradation Functions For Brittle Fracture Phase-field Models
Juan Michael Sargado, Eirik Keilegavlen, Inga Berre, Jan Martin Nordbotten
 16:00-16:20On Bounds For The Penalty Constant In Irreversibility Constraint For A Phase-field Formulation Of Brittle Fracture
Tymofiy Gerasimov, Laura De Lorenzis
 16:20-16:40A Variational Phase Field Model Of Hydraulic Fracturing
Blaise Bourdin, Chukwudi Chukwudozie, Erwan Tanne, Keita Yoshioka
Bergstrom15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Olivier Polit
 15:00-15:20Influence Of Load Frequency On Fatigue Strength Of Automotive High Strength Steels
Jens Bergstrom
 15:20-15:40Investigation Of The Influence Of Different Hardness Conditions On The Frequency Influence Of A Tempered Martensitic Steel
Alexander Giertler, Kevin Koschella, Ulrich Krupp
 15:40-16:00The Comparison Of A High Cycle Fatigue Prediction Approach With High Frequency Fatigue Testing Results
Karl Gillner
Marsavina15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Liviu Marsavina
 15:00-15:20Damage Investigation Of Composite Sandwich Beams Subjected To Low-velocity Impact
Emanoil Linul, Liviu Marsavina, Jaroslav Kovacik
 15:20-15:40Tunable Mechanical Response Of Layered Auxetic Plates
Roberto Brighenti, Andrea Carpinteri, Federico Artoni
 15:40-16:00Elastic Field Due To Cracks Within Anisotropic Laminated Wood Panel
Wenwang Wu
 16:00-16:20Failure Behavior Of Foam Composite Sandwich Panels Under Pull-out Testing
Jie LU
Qu15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Shaoxing Qu, Huajian Gao
 15:00-15:20The Role Of Surface Modifications On The Failure Behavior Of Cellulose Nanocrystal Nanocomposites
Sinan Keten
 15:20-15:40A Mechanically Driven Form Of Kirigami As A Route To 3d Mesostructures In Micro/nanomembranes
Yihui Zhang, Yonggang Huang
 15:40-16:00Research On The Dynamic Fracture Behavior Of Functionally Graded Material With Periodic Interface Cracks
Shenghu Ding
 16:00-16:20Adhesion Of Elastic Solids Via Mobile Molecular Bonds
Jizeng Wang, Kuncheng He, Long Li
 16:20-16:40Shape Optimization Of Cut-mediated Soft Mechanical Metamaterials
Guoli Wang, Jinxiong Zhou
T2B115:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: David Asquith,Vasileios Pasialis
 15:00-15:20Effect Of Force Shedding On Surface Strains During Fatigue Pre-cracking
David Asquith, Vasileios Pasialis
 15:20-15:40Effect Of Microstructural Anisotropy On The Mechanical Properties Of Low-carbon Pipe-line Api 5l Steel.
 15:40-16:00Experimental And Numerical Investigation On Relationship Between Grain Size And Arrest Toughness In Steels
Takuhiro Hemmi, Kazuki Shibanuma, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Shuji Aihara, Hiroyuki Shirahata
 16:00-16:20The Investigation Of Crack's Parameters Of The Williams Series Asymptotic Expansion Using Photoelasticity Method
Larisa Stepanova, Vadim Dolgich
 16:20-16:40On The Applicability Of Different Specimen Geometries For Determination Of J-integral In Rubber-like Materials Based Upon Eta Factor
Amir Reza Shahani, Hamid Shooshtar, Mahdi Baghaee
Gubeljak15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Nenad Gubeljak, Marko Rakin, Yury Matvienko
 15:00-15:20Numerical Analysis Of Fracture Of Non-standard Ring Specimen For Examination Of Axially Flawed Cylindrical Structures
Bojan Medjo, Marko Rakin, Nenad Gubeljak, Walid Musraty, Yuri Matvienko, Milos Milosevic, Aleksandar Sedmak
 15:20-15:40Stress Triaxiality Of Pipe-ring Specimens With And Without Influence Of Residual Stresses
Darko Damjanovic, Drazan Kozak, Nenad Gubeljak
 15:40-16:00Stress And Fatigue Analysis Of Bv-65 Manual Tongs Latch
Mario Matekalo, Drazan Kozak, Zeljko Ivandic
 16:00-16:20Fatigue Crack Propagation Throught Heterogeous Microstructure Of Welded Joint
T2B215:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Xiaoming Bai, Thorsten Becker
 15:00-15:20Meso-macro Scale Model For Dynamic Fracture Of Functional Graded Material
Xiaoming Bai, Kaikai Shi, Licheng Guo, Liangang Zheng
 15:20-15:40The Effect Of Layup On The Steady-state Energy Release Rate Of A Tunneling Crack In A Wind Turbine Blade Joint
Jeppe Jorgensen, Bent F. Sorensen, Casper Kildegaard
 15:40-16:00Fracture Of Periodic Triangular Lattices
Huaiyuan Gu, Martyn Pavier, Anton Shterenlikht
 16:00-16:20Detection And Elimination Of Spurious Results From Digital Image And Volume Correlation Data
Thorsten Becker, Matthew Molteno
 16:20-16:40The Beneficial Effect Of Autofrettage On The Fracture Endurance Of A Cracked Spherical Pressure Vessel
Mordechai Perl, Matan Steiner
Ritchie15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Robert O. Ritchie, Filippo Berto
 15:00-15:20Investigation Of Stress Distribution Around The Pre-crack Notch Of Corroded And Ion-irradiated Zircaloy-4 Samples Using Nanomechanical Raman Spectroscopy
Debapriya Mohanty, Vikas Tomar
 15:20-15:403d Characterization And Modelling Of Damage Development In A Nuclear Grade Sic/sic Ceramic Composite
Shixiang Zhao, Luis Saucedo-Mora, James Marrow
 15:40-16:00The Radiate Collaboration – Exploring High Power Target Materials Response To Radiation Damage - Goals, Status, And Future Plans
Patrick Hurh, Viacheslav Kuksenko
 16:00-16:20Fracture Toughness Of Tungsten A Fusion Relevant Property
Reinhard Pippan, Vladica Nicolic, Danien Scheiber, Lorenz Romaner
 16:20-16:40Void Growth And Coalescence In Irradiated Materials
Pierre-Olivier Barrioz, Jeremy Hure, Benoit Tanguy
Toribio15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Jesús Toribio, Hryhory Nykyforchyn
 15:00-15:20Non-destructive Diagnostics Of Hydrogen-induced Degradation Of Pipelines Steels By Electrochemical Method
Hryhoriy Nykyforchyn, Olha Zvirko, Oleksandr Tsyrulnyk
 15:20-15:40Hydrogen Embrittlement And Material Degradation In Electrodes: Neutron Emissions And Compositional Changes
Amedeo Manuello Bertetto, Alberto Carpinteri, Oscar Borla, Gianni Niccolini
 15:40-16:00Error In Crack Growth Rate Estimation When Distinct Timescaling Is Considered In Hydrogen Cracking
Gaurav Singh
 16:00-16:20Failure Analysis Of A Pipeline By Third-party Damages
Yuguang CAO, Ying Zhen, Xiaoyu Sun
 16:20-16:40The Clarification Of Hydrogen And Concentration Behaviors At Weldment Based On A Coupled Analysis Of Heat Transfer-thermal Stress-hydrogen Diffusion
A.Toshimitsu Yokobori,Jr., Toshihito Ohmi, Go Ozeki, tadashi kasuya, Nobuyuki Ishikawa, satoshi Minamoto, Manabu Enoki
T2A115:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Thierry Auger, Mahmoud Mousavi
 15:00-15:20A Brittle To Ductile Transition Modeling For Liquid Metal Embrittlement
Thierry Auger
 15:20-15:40Dislocation Based Fracture Mechanics Within Generalized Continua
Mahmoud Mousavi
 15:40-16:00Prediction Of The Mechanical Properties Of Carbide-metal Interfaces From First-principles
Elric Barbe, Chu-Chun Fu, Maxime Sauzay
 16:00-16:20Atomic Scale Mechanism Of Ductile Fracture In Metallic Glasses
X. Huang

WEDNESDAY, 21 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
T2B717:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Lubos Nahlik, Takayuki Shiraiwa
 17:00-17:20Axial Fatigue Behavior Of Gray Cast Iron Under High Compressive Loads
Marco Beghini, Leonardo Bertini, Bernardo Disma Monelli, Renzo Valentini, Leonardo Tognarelli
 17:20-17:40A Modified Tcd Theory Based On High-stressed-volume Concept
Peng Luo
 17:40-18:00Residual Life Time Assessment Of Railway Axles
Lubos Nahlik, Pavel Pokorny, Tomas Vojtek, Pavel Hutar
 18:00-18:20Fatigue Life Prediction Of Welded Structures By Microstructure-based Simulations
Takayuki Shiraiwa, Fabien Briffod, Manabu Enoki
 18:20-18:40Deformation And Fracture Of Long Term Creep Of Notched Specimen Of A Directionally Solidified Nickel Base Superalloy
Ying Li
Wanhill17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Masahiro Takanashi, Simon Barter
 17:00-17:20Probabilistic Fatigue Assessment Of Turbine Discs Considering Load Variations
Qiang Liu, Shun-Peng Zhu
 17:20-17:40A Study Of The Effectiveness Of Porosity As A Fatigue Crack Initiator In Aa7050-t7451.
Simon Barter, Ben Dixon
 17:40-18:00Fractographic Study Of Fatigue Cracks In A Ni-based Cast Alloy
Masahiro Takanashi
Bergstrom17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Jens Bergström
 17:00-17:20Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior Of A Precipitation-hardened Aluminium Alloy At Very Low Amplitudes
Tina Kirsten, Fatih Buelbuel, Tobias Stein, Hans-Juergen Christ, Angelika Brueckner-Foit, Martina Zimmermann
 17:20-17:40Influence Of Load Frequency On Fatigue Crack Propagation Rate Of Automotive High Strength Steels
Steffen Becker, Karl-Heinz Lang
 17:40-18:00Modal And Dynamic Analysis Of Resonance Frequencies And Stress Intensities For Crack Growth Testing At 20 Khz
Mohamed Sadek, Mohand Quarabi
 18:00-18:20Numerical Model For Heating During Crack Propagation At 20khz
Laurent Gallimard, Hoang Quan NGuyen, Ouarabi Mohand, Olivier Polit, Palin Luc Thierry
Qu17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Shaoxing Qu, Huajian Gao
 17:00-17:20Nonlinear Characteristics Of Dielectic Elastomers Under Electromechanical Coupling Loading
Tongqing Lu
 17:20-17:40An Accurate Thermo-mechanical Model For Laser-driven Micro-transfer Printing
Jizhou Song
 17:40-18:00Dynamic Responses Of A Finite Crack In A Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Material Layered Structure
Xing Li
 18:00-18:20Flaw Tolerance And Its Application In Natural Biomaterials
Qikun Zhang, Luxian Li
T2B117:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Pramod Rastogi
 17:00-17:20Crack Propagation And Study Of Fracture Process In Metallic Glass Reinforced Mortars Using Holographic Moire
Pramod Rastogi
 17:20-17:40Measuring Mechanical Properties Using Digital Image Correlation: Extracting Tensile And Fracture Properties From A Single Sample
Richard Huchzermeyer, Thorsten Becker
 17:40-18:00Failure Analysis Of Composite Laminates With Big Cutouts
Jianlin Chen, Zheng Li, Pengcheng Chu
 18:00-18:20In-situ Real-time Imaging Of Cracking Process In Bulk Metallic Glasses
Ding Zhou, Yulong Li, Bing Hou
Gubeljak17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Nenad Gubeljak, Marko Rakin, Yury Matvienko
 17:00-17:20Numerical Simulation Of Fatigue Crack Growth In Welded Pipes
aleksandar Grbovic
 17:20-17:40Fatigue Crack Growth In Aluminum Alloy T Welded Joint
Simon sedmak
 17:40-18:00Temperature And Time Effects On Fatigue Strength Of Weldments
Zijah Burzic
T2B217:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Vasily Saurin, Jan Sladek
 17:00-17:20On Calculation Of J-integral By Fem Based On The Method Of Integro-differential Relations
Vasily Saurin
 17:20-17:40Effect Of Electric Field And Strain Gradients On Cracks In Piezoelectric Solids
Jan Sladek
 17:40-18:00Fracture Investigation Of Tungsten-copper Functionally Graded Materials
Hosein Mohammadi, Hadi Salavati, َAli Yusefi
 18:00-18:20Eigenfunctions Of The Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem Arising From Problems Of Determining Crack Tip Stress Field In Power-law Materials Under Mode Iii Loading
Larisa Stepanova, Anastasiya Peksheva
 18:20-18:40Fracture Assesment Of U-notched Bainitic Functionally Graded Steel In Notch Divider Configuration
Hadi Salavati, Filippo Berto
Ritchie17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Robert O. Ritchie, Filippo Berto
 17:00-17:20Asymptotic Analysis Of Cladding Stress Subject To Swelling Of A Cracked Pellet
Hyung-Kyu Kim
 17:20-17:40Determination Of Fracture Toughness Of Nuclear Fuel Cladding From Ring Compresion Tests
Javier Gomez, Miguel Angel Martin-Rengel, Jesus Ruiz-Hervias
 17:40-18:00Femme 3d Multiscale Fracture Model: Application To The Degradation And Damage Of Nuclear Materials
Luis Saucedo-Mora
 18:00-18:20In Situ Mechancial Testing Of Nuclear Graphite At Elevated Temperatrues: Synchrotron X-ray Tomography, Neutron Diffraction And Raman Scattering
Dong Liu, Bernd Gludovatz, Harold Barnard, Saurabh Kabra, James Marrow, Martin Kuball, Robert Ritchie
Toribio17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Jesús Toribio, Hryhory Nykyforchyn
 17:20-17:40Hydrogen Transport Model For Hydrogen-assisted Fracture
Jesus Toribio, Viktor Kharin
 17:40-18:00Hydrogen Embrittlement Of Cold-drawn Wires: The Role Of Residual Stress Redistribution Induced By Fatigue
Jesus Toribio, Miguel Lorenzo, Diego Veragra, Leticia Aguado
 18:00-18:20Hydrogen-assisted Micro-damage In Hot Rolled Bars Of Pearlitic Steel
Jesus Toribio, Diego Vergara, Miguel Lorenzo
T2A117:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Li-Hong Liang, Yongming Liu
 17:00-17:20Micro/meso Scale Fracture Modeling Using A Novel Discrete Model
Hailong Chen, Yongming Liu
 17:20-17:40Molecular Simulation Study Of The Atomistic Mechanisms Of Failure Initiation
Sabri Souguir
 17:40-18:00Atomistic Scale Fracture Study On Metal/oxide Interfaces
Xue-Qiong Fu, Li-Hong Liang, Yue-Guang Wei

WEDNESDAY, 21 JUNE 2017 - Early Afternoon Session
Petrov12:00-14:00 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Yuri Petrov, Vadim Silbeschmidt
 12:00-12:20Strain Rate Sensitivity On The Tensile Behavior Of Directional Solidified Superalloy Dz125l
Yang Liu, Taosha Liang, Lei Wang, Xiu Song
 12:20-12:40Simulation Of Dynamic Fracture Initiated By Quasistaic And High-rate Loading
Yuri Petrov, Vladimir Bratov, Nikita Kazarinov
 12:40-13:00Behaviour Of An Ultrafine-grained Grade 5 Ti Alloy Subjected To Solid Particle Erosion
Nikita Kazarinov, Yuri Petrov, Alexey Evstifeev, Svetlana Atroshenko, Roman Valiev
 13:00-13:20Fracture Analysis Of Dynamically Loaded Welded Structures
Murat Saribay, Herman Nied
 13:20-13:40Peridynamics Modeling Of Dynamic Fracture
George Gazonas, Raymond Wildman, James O'Grady
 13:40-14:00Multiscale Investigation Of The Dynamic Fracture Of Metals With Nanoscale Inclusions
Victor Pogorelko, Alexander Mayer
Yu12:00-14:00 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Shouwen Yu, Qunyang Li
 12:00-12:40Potential For Graphene Cracking In Roll-to-roll Transfer
Seung Na, Xiaohan Wang, Richard Piner, Rui Huang, Grant Willson, Kenneth Liechti
 12:40-13:00Phase Transition And Deformation Behaviors In 2d Materials
Fei Ma
 13:00-13:20Mechanical Behaviors Of Graphene-derived Layer-by-layer Materials
Yilun Liu
 13:20-13:40Scaling Laws For Mechanical Properties Of Graphynes
Jiaxing Qu, Jianxin Li, Hongwei Zhang, Shexu Zhao, Tienchong Chang
 13:40-14:00Ballistic Impact Of Few-layer Graphene
Haotian Wang, Xiaoyan Li, Huajian Gao

WEDNESDAY, 21 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
Bourdin17:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Blaise Bourdin, Alain Karma
 17:00-17:20Fracture And Healing Of Elastomers: Theory And Numerical Implementation
Oscar Lopez-Pamies, Aditya Kumar
 17:20-17:40Phase Field Modeling Of Elastic-plastic Fracture
Charlotte Kuhn, Timo Noll, Ralf Mueller
 17:40-18:00Phase Field Modelling Of Brittle Fracture In Thin Shells Accounting For Cracks Partly Through The Thickness
Jian Gao, Yongxing Shen
 18:00-18:20Gradient Damage Models Applied To Dynamic Fragmentation
 18:20-18:40Oscillatory Instability Of Ultra-high-speed Brittle Cracks
Chih-Hung Chen, Eran Bouchbinder, Alain Karma
 18:40-19:00Crack Initiation In Variational Phase Field Model For Fracture.
Erwan Tanne, Blaise Bourdin, Tianyi Li , Jean-Jacques Marigo, Corrado Maurini
T2C317:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Gaurav Singh, Yan Li
 17:00-17:20Higher Overall Stiffness Of Triangular Shaped Ductile/brittle Lattice Composite Structure Compared To Square Shaped Structure
Yash Vartak, Gaurav Singh
 17:20-17:40Novel Development And Application Of The Linear Matching Method For Design Limits In Plasticity And Creep Of Metal Matrix Composites: An Overview
Dario Giugliano, Haofeng Chen
 17:40-18:00Nanoindentation Studies On The Behaviour Of Tin Nanoceramic Reinforced Ti-6al-4v Matrix Composite
Mosima Maja, Babatunde Obadele, Oluwasegun Falodun, Oladeji Ige, Peter Olubambi
 18:00-18:20Nanoindentation Studies On The Elastic And Plastic Deformation Properties Of Sintered Dss Reinforced With Tin Nanoparticles
Mahlatse Mphahlele, Ranti Oke, oladeji Ige, Babatunde Obadele, Peter Olubambi
 18:20-18:40A Multiscale Framework For Designing High Toughness Metal Matrix Composites
Yan Li, Victor Luquin
 18:40-19:00Effect Of Absorbing Form Of Metal-intermetallic Laminate(mil) Composites Ti/al3ti By Volume Fraction Of Ti Layered
xueyi zhang
Yu17:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Shouwen Yu, Qunyang Li
 17:00-17:40Failure Mechanisms Of Graphene In Tribological Applications
Yizhou Qi, Jun Liu, Ji Zhang, Yalin Dong, Qunyang Li
 17:40-18:00Size Effect Of The Interfacial Mechanical Behavior Of Graphene By Experimental Analysis
Chaochen Xu, Hongzhi Du, Yilan Kang
 18:00-18:20Interlayer Cleavage Behavior In Van Der Waals Materials
Hannah Gramling, Eric Yeatman, Hayden Taylor
 18:20-18:40Friction And Fracture On Polycrystalline Graphene Boundary
Meng Li, Tianzhong Zhang, Hai Zhou
 18:40-19:00Mechanical And Failure Properties Of Phosphorene With Finite Sizes And Grain Boundaries
Yong-Wei ZHANG, Viacheslav Sorkin

WEDNESDAY, 21 JUNE 2017 - Late Afternoon Session
Yu15:00-17:00 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Shouwen Yu, Qunyang Li
 15:00-15:40Nanomechanical Characterization Of Two-dimensional Materials
Jun Lou
 15:40-16:00Characterizing Resistance To Rapid Crack Propagation Based On Small-scale Laboratory Testing
Zhenwen Zhou, Haiying Zhang, Alexander Chudnovsky
 16:00-16:20Plasticity And Fracture Of Monolayer Graphene Oxide Sheets
Xiaoding Wei, Lily Mao, Rafael Soler-Crespo
 16:20-16:40Ultra-strength And Fracture Of Metallic And Semiconductor Nanowires
Yang Lu
 16:40-17:00Mechanical Properties And Fracture Behavior Of Armchair Phosphorene Nanotubes Under Axial Tension

THURSDAY, 22 JUNE 2017 - Morning Session
Wang10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Simon Wang & Chris Harvey
 10:00-10:20The Mechanics Of Interface Fracture: (1) Brittle Homogeneous And Bi-material Interfaces
Simon Wang, Christopher Harvey, Joe Wood
 10:20-10:40The Mechanics Of Interface Fracture: (2) Cohesive Interfaces
Simon Wang, Christopher Harvey, Liangliang Guan
 10:40-11:00The Mechanics Of Itnerface Fracture: (3) Experimental Assessments
Christopher Harvey, Matthew Eplett, Zhaopeng Yang, Simon Wang
 11:00-11:20The Mechanics Of Interface Fracture: (4) Spallation Of α-alumina Films Grown By Oxidation
Simon Wang, Christopher Harvey, Bin Wang, Andrew Watson
 11:20-11:40The Mechanics Of Interface Fracture: (5) Adhesion Energy Of Multilayer Graphene Membranes
Joe Wood, Christopher Harvey, Simon Wang
Narasimhan10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: R. Narasimhan, K.Ravi Chandar, Shailendra Joshi
 10:00-10:40Crack Path And Crack Growth Resistance In Ductile Fracture
Alan Needleman
 10:40-11:00Length Scale Effects On Shear Fracture Based On A Non-local Porous Plasticity Model
Jonas Faleskog, Carl Dahlberg
 11:00-11:20Ductility Enhancement Strategies In Bulk Metallic Glasses : Insights From Finite Element Simulations
Narasimhan Ramarathinam, Indrasen Singh, Mayuresh Shete
 11:20-11:40Analysis Of Ductile Failure Using A Micromechanics-based Coupled Damage-plasticity Model
Shyam Keralavarma
Lacidogna10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: DIMITRIOS AGGELIS, Giuseppe Lacidogna
 10:00-10:40Fracture Monitoring Of Lightweight Composite-concrete Beams With Acoustic Emission
DIMITRIOS AGGELIS, Sven De Sutter, Svetlana Verbruggen, Tine Tysmans
 10:40-11:00Acoustic Emission Monitoring Of Elastic Concrete Beam Subjected To Three-point-bending Tests
Jie Xu, Guang Yang, Qinghua Han
 11:00-11:20Ultrasonic Investigation On The Fracture-healing Mechanism Due To Alkaline Silicate Solutions
Giovanni Anglani, Paola Antonaci, Antonio S. Gliozzi, Marco Scalerandi
Kozak10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Drazan Kozak
 10:00-10:20Numerical Residual Strength Prediction Of Stationary Shoulder Friction Stir Welded Structures
Ingo Scheider
 10:20-10:40Fatigue Crack Propagation In Hss S690ql Welded Connections In Bridges
Chantal Bouffioux, Cristian canales, Laurent Duchene, Jean-Philippe Ponthot, Anne-Marie Habraken
 10:40-11:00Temperature And Time Effects On Fracture Toughness Values In Welded Joint
ivica camagic, milos milosevic
T2A710:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Wenqiang Peng, SHIKUN ZOU
 10:00-10:20Effects Of Laser Peening On Vibration Fatigue Properties Of Tc17 Titanium Alloy Blades
 10:20-10:40Residual Stress Effect In Sp On Lcf Life Of Turbine Disc Superalloy Gh4169 At Elevated Temperature
Dianyin Hu, Ye Gao, Jingwei Chen, Jun Song, Rongqiao Wang
 10:40-11:00Finite Element Simulation Of Fatigue Crack Closure In Surface Layers Of In718 After Piezo Peening
Alexander Klumpp
 11:00-11:20Effects Of Treatment Temperature Of Gas Blow Ih Nitriding On Surface Characteristics And Fatigue Properties Of Titanium Alloy
Shogo Takesue, Shoichi Kikuchhi, Hiroyuki Akebono, Jun Komotori
T2B610:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Franck Morel, Thierry Palin-Luc
 10:00-10:20Study Of Pathological Manifestations In Low Income House – Study Case In Santa Catarina, Brazil
Angelica Ferronato, DAIANE GODINHO, Elaine Antunes, Marcio Vito, ALEXANDRE VARGAS
 10:20-10:40A Gradient Sensitive High Cycle Fatigue Strength Assessment Methodology For Punched Thin Electrical Steel Sheets
Helmi Dehmani, Thierry Palin-Luc, Charles Brugger, Charles Mareau, Samuel Koechlin
 10:40-11:00Fatigue Analysis Of A Welded Centre Sill In A Hopper Wagon
Daren Peng
 11:00-11:20Life Assessment Of Welded Joints Using A Critical Plane Approach
Giuseppe Marulo, Francesco Frendo, Leonardo Bertini, Ali Fatemi
 11:20-11:40Effect Of The Stress Distribution Around Pores On The Fatigue Strength Of Cast Aluminium Alloys Manufactured By Lost Foam Casting
franck morel
Kinloch10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Anthony J. Kinloch, Rhys Jones, Andreas J. Brunner
 10:00-10:20Selected Aspects Of Fatigue Fracture Testing Of Polymer Composites
Andreas J. Brunner, Masaki Hojo
 10:20-10:40Is The Faa Slow Growth Approach To Certification Of Composite And Bonded Structures Feasible?
Rhys Jones
 10:40-11:00The Effect Of The Hartman-schijve Representation Of Fatigue Delamination Growth Test Data For Cfrp On Da/dn Slopes
Ido Simon, Leslie Banks-Sills
 11:00-11:20Considering The Energy Dissipation In Fatigue And Quasi-static Ply Delamination Growth In Composites
Rene Alderliesten, John-Alan Pascoe, Liaojun Yao, Lucas Amaral, Rinze Benedictus
 11:20-11:40Fatigue Fracture Of Polymer Sandwich Honeycomb Panels For Gas Turbine Engines Structures
Mihail Nihamkin, Nikolai Sazhenkov, Danil Samodurov, Ivan Konev, Anna Toropicina
T2B210:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Gustavo Henrique Bolognesi Donato, Robert Rainsberger
 10:00-10:20Effect Of Mesh Quality In Finite Element Analysis Of Crack-tip Stresses In A Circumferential Surface Crack Of A Pipe Elbow Weldment
Kathrine Rainsberger, Jeffrey Fong, Pedro Maecal
 10:20-10:40Effects Of Crack Tunneling On The Elastic Unloading Compliance Of C(t), Se(b) And Clamped Se(t) Specimens
Gustavo Henrique Bolognesi Donato, Leonardo Giangiulio Ferreira de Andrade
 10:40-11:00Effects Of Plasticity On The Elastic Unloading Compliance Of C(t), Se(b) And Clamped Se(t) Specimens
Gustavo Henrique Bolognesi Donato, Leonardo Giangiulio Ferreira de Andrade
 11:00-11:20Crack Propagation In Particulate Ceramic Composite Containing Residual Stresses
Katerina Stegnerova, Lubos Nahlik, Zdenek Majer, Pavel Hutar
 11:20-11:40A New Approach Of Studying The Compressive Fracture Of Quasi-brittle Materials
Mina Iskander, Nigel Shrive
Besson10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: J. Besson, Amine Benzerga, Claudio Ruggieri, Andrey Jivkov
 10:00-10:20Ductile Fracture Of An Aeronautical Ultra High Strength Steel
Clement DEFAISSE, Jacques BESSON, Matthieu MAZIERE, Lionel MARCIN
 10:20-10:40Anisotropic Ductile Fracture Initiation In 2219 Aluminium Alloy Plates
Jacques Besson, Christophe Le Guyader, Yazid Madi
 10:40-11:00Modelling The Influence Of Carbide-ferrite Interface On Crack Initiation And Growth In The Transition Region Of Ferritic Steel
Ngoc Anh Giang, Meinhard Kuna, Geralf Huetter
 11:00-11:20Modelling Of Ductile Fracture Under Non-proportional Strain Paths
Sebastian Muenstermann, Junhe Lian, Bo Wu
 11:20-11:40Experimental Evaluation Of Effective Surface Energy Corresponding To Cleavage Crack Propagation Across Grain Boundary In Ferritic Steels
Itsuki Kawata, Hiroaki Nakai, Shuji Aihara
Liu10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Bin Liu, Shaohua Chen, Xue Feng
 10:00-10:20The Effect Of Tgo Growth On The Crack Propagation Within Tbcs By The Material Configurational Forces
Qun Li, Junnan Lyu
 10:20-10:40Coarse-graining Atomistic Dynamics Of 3d Fracture By Finite Element Method
Qian Deng
 10:40-11:00A Mode-independent Method To Predict Graphene Buckling On Non-developable Surfaces
Yuli Chen, Shengtao Wang, Yong Ma
 11:00-11:20A Dynamic Domain-independent Interaction Integral Method For An Interface Crack In Nonhomogeneous Materials
Kai Huang, Licheng Guo, Xinyang Sun, Li Zhang
 11:20-11:40Evaluation Of Scalar Parameters Of Asymptotic Solution Of The Singular Stress Field Around A 3d Interfacial Corner Between Dissimilar Materials
Toru Ikeda, Yuji Koga, Yosuke Taguchi, Masaaki Koganemaru, Noriyuki Miyazaki
Berto10:00-11:40 Morning SessionChair: Filippo Berto, Ali Fatemi , Torgeir Welo, Omar Fergani
 10:00-10:20Interrelationships Of Fatigue, Residual Stress And Microstructure In Additively Manufactured Components
Thomas Niendorf, Stefan Leuders, Johannes Guenther, Florian Brenne
 10:20-10:40Relationship Between Defect And Fatigue Strength In Additively Manufactured Ti-6al-4v
Toshifumi Kakiuchi, Yoshihiko Uematsu, Ryosei Kawaguchi, Masahiro Hojo, Koji Fujimoto
 11:00-11:20Fatigue Crack Tip Strain Evolution Under Single Overload In Laser Melting Deposited Ti-6.5al-3.5mo-1.5zr-0.3si Titanium Alloy
Yanzeng Wu, Rui Bao, Kai Wang, Songsong Lu
 11:20-11:40Temperature Prediction And Melt Pool Analys In Laser Engineered Net Shaping Process (lens) Of Nicocr Medium Entropy Alloy
Omar Fergani, Shuai Guan, Keith Chan, TM Yue, Torgeir Welo

THURSDAY, 22 JUNE 2017 - Early Afternoon Session
Hong12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Youshi Hong, Filippo Berto
 12:00-12:20Determination Of Fatigue Crack Initiation And Growth Of A Multi-notched Sample By Means Of A Microstructure And Energy-based Damage Fe Model
Vicente Herrera-Solaz, Markus Niffenegger
 12:20-12:40Critical Plane-based Multiaxial Fatigue Life Evaluation Of Notched Structural Components
Andrea CARPINTERI, Andrea Spagnoli, Sabrina Vantadori
 12:40-13:00Thermo-mechanical Study Of Heat Sources Effect On The Stress Intensity Factor For A Fatigue Crack
Zaid Boussattine, Nicolas Ranc, Thierry Palin-Luc
 13:00-13:20Crack Propagation Analysis Of Aluminum Laser Welded Joints Based On The Rousselier Model
Haoyun Tu, Siegfried Schmauder, Ulrich Weber, Yan Li
 13:20-13:40Effects Of Induced Surface Notches On Fatigue Behavior Of
Youshi Hong, Qingqing Jiang, Chengqi Sun
Narasimhan12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: R. Narasimhan, K.Ravi Chandar, Shailendra Joshi
 12:00-12:40New Modes Of Ductile Rupture Under Cyclic Loading Conditions
Jean-Baptiste Leblond, Remi Lacroix, Leo Morin, Almahdi Remmal
 12:40-13:00Effect Of Microscale Inertia On The Dynamic Response Of Porous Ductile Metals In The Void Growth And Void Coalescence Regimes
alain molinari, Cedric sartori, Sebastien mercier, nicolas jacques
 13:00-13:20Improving The Fracture Toughness Of Ductile Bulk Metallic Glasses
Jamie Kruzic, Bosong Li, Shenghui Xie
 13:20-13:40Analysis Of Crack Tip Strain Localization In Fcc Single Crystals Under Cyclic Loading
Lacidogna12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Tomoki Shiotani, Amedeo Manuello
 12:00-12:40Visualization Of Fracture Process For Rc Slabs Subject To Mobile Loads By Means Of Acoustic Approaches
Tomoki Shiotani
 12:40-13:00Damage Evolution Analysis Of Concrete Beams By Combined Acoustic Emission And Dynamic Identification Techniques
Gianfranco Piana, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Alberto Carpinteri
 13:00-13:20Structural Stability Assessment Of Double Girder Crane By Acoustic Emission Technique
Alberto Carpinteri, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Gianni Niccolini
 13:20-13:40A Method For Fatigue Crack Detection In A Cantilever Beam Using Vibration Signals
Behrang Hosseini Aghdam, Ender Cigeroglu, Suat Kadioglu, Gokhan Ozgen
T1-512:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Igor Danilenko, Jianxiang Wang
 12:00-12:20The Peculiarities Of Fracture Mechanisms In Zirconia Based Composites
Igor Danilenko, Tetyana Konstantinova
 12:20-12:40Nanomechanical Characterization Of Interfaces In Boron Nitride And Carbon Nanotubes Polymer Nanocomposites
Xiaoming Chen, Changhong Ke
 12:40-13:00Analyses Of Fracture Energy Of Composites Reinforced By Carbon Nanotubes And Carbon Nanotube-grafted Fibres Using A Nonlinear Bridging Law
Jianxiang Wang, Linjuan Wang, Liyong Tong, Bhushan Karihaloo
 13:00-13:20A Hybrid Architecture Promotes Synergetic Strengthening And Deformation In Nano-layered Structures
Jianjun Li, Wenjun Lu, Dierk Raabe
T2A712:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Lei Wang
 12:00-12:20Numerical Implementation For Fatigue Assessment Of Butt Joint Improved By High Frequency Mechanical Impact Treatment: A Structural Hot Spot Stress Approach
Yong Liu, Caiyan Deng, Baoming Gong
 12:20-12:40An Effective Polishing Way To Remove The Surface/sub-surface Damages On The Silica Glass
Wenqiang Peng, Yuan Li, Jiehong Yuan
 12:40-13:00Friction Stir Repairing Of Surface Crack In Aluminum Alloy
Lei Wang, Li Hui, Liang Xu, Shaohua Ma, Song Zhou
T2B612:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Craig McClung, James Sobotka
 12:00-12:20Stress Intensity Factors For Structural L-sections
James Sobotka, R. Craig McClung, Joseph Cardinal
 12:20-12:40A General Framework For Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Analysis Of Components
Craig McClung, Michael Enright, Jonathan Moody, Yi-Der Lee, James Sobotka, Vikram Bhamidipati, John McClure
 12:40-13:00Fracture Toughness Measurement Of Pipeline Steels With Different Directions For Crack Growth
Elias Chatzidouros, Abderrazak Traidia, Mustapha Jouiad, Dimitrios Pantelis
 13:00-13:20Assessment Of Pipe Defects Using A Constraint Modified Failure Assessment Diagram
Omar BOULEDROUA1, Mohamed Hadj Meliani, Guy Pluvinage
Kinloch12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Anthony J. Kinloch, Rhys Jones, Andreas J. Brunner
 12:00-12:20A Fracture-mechanics Approach To Predicting The Fatigue Life Of Adhesively-bonded Repairs
Anthony Kinloch, Wenchen Hu, Rhys Jones
 12:20-12:40An Efficient Methodology For The Experimental Characterization Of Mode Ii And Mixed-mode I-ii Delamination Growth Under Fatigue Loading
Jordi Renart, Laura Carreras, Imke Jaeck, Albert Turon, Yasser Essa, Federico Martín de la Escalera
 12:40-13:00Numerical Prediction And Mechanical Testing Of Braided Composite Structures Utilizing Digital Image Correlation
Matei Constantin Miron, Emil Pitz, Zoltan Major
 13:00-13:20Improving The Fracture Resistance Of Polymer Composites Containing Multi-scale Aligned Reinforcements
Anil Ravindran, Raj Ladani, Shuying Wu, Anthony Kinloch, Adrian Mouritz, Chun Wang
T2B212:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Zdenek Majer, Meinhard Kuna
 12:00-12:20Study Of Subcritial Micro-crack Propagation In Particulate Ceramic Based Composites With Residual Stresses
Zdenek Majer, Katerina Stegnerova, Pavel Hutar, Lubos Nahlik
 12:20-12:40Procrack - A Tool For Automated Finite Element Simulation Of Fatigue Crack Growth In Three-dimensional Components
Frank Rabold, Meinhard Kuna
 12:40-13:00The Mechanics Of A Crack Parallel To A Rigid Boundary Under Remote Tension
George Gazonas, Brian Powers
 13:00-13:20Parameter Variation Effect On Natural Frequency Of Timoshenko Beam Consider Couple Stress Theory
Lei XIE, Zhi-ping KUANG
Besson12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: J. Besson, Amine Benzerga, Claudio Ruggieri, Andrey Jivkov
 12:00-12:20Simulation Of Ductile To Brittle Transition From Slant Ductile Crack In Drop Weight Tear Tests
Takahiro Sakimoto, Jacques Besson, Yazid Madi, Vladislav Yastrebov, Satoshi Igi, Rinsei Ikeda
 12:20-12:40Fracture Toughness Prediction Based On Microstructural Information In Ferrite-pearlite Steels
Kazuki Shibanuma, Yoshiki Nemoto, Takashi Hiraide, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Shuji Aihara
 12:40-13:00Influence Of Local Temperature And Local Crack Arrest Phenomena On Dynamic Fracture Toughness
Thomas Reichert, Johannes Tlatlik
 13:00-13:20Microstructure, Plastic Flow And Ductile-to-brittle Transition Of Ferrite-austenite Duplex Low-density Medium Mn Steel
Quentin Tonizzo, Anne-Francoise Gourgues, Matthieu Maziere
Liu12:00-13:40 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Bin Liu, Shaohua Chen, Xue Feng
 12:00-12:20Effects Of Bending Stiffness And Roughness On The Peeling Behavior Of An Elastic Thin Film On A Rigid Substrate
Shaohua Chen, Zhilong Peng
 12:20-12:40Two Objective And Independent Fracture Parameters For Interface Cracks And A Paradox
 12:40-13:00Effect Of Relative Humidity On The Peeling Behavior Of A Thin Film On A Rigid Substrate
Zhilong Peng, Shaohua Chen
 13:00-13:20Instability Of A Cluster Of Slip Bonds Along An Interface Upon Cyclic Loads
Bin chen
 13:20-13:40A Traction-separation Law Based On The Stochastic Breaking Of Elastic Bonds
Ganyun Huang

THURSDAY, 22 JUNE 2017 - Late Afternoon Session
Hong15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Youshi Hong, Filippo Berto
 15:00-15:20Fatigue Behavior Of Notched Specimens Under Multiaxial Loads: Experimental Observations And Modeling
Nicholas Gates, Ali Fatemi
 15:20-15:40Creep-fatigue Interaction In Multiscale Crack Growth Model
K.K. Tang, F. Berto
 15:40-16:00Failure Modes Of Sintered Nano-silver Lap Shear Joint Under Thermal Cycling And Aging Tests
Yansong Tan, Xu Chen
 16:00-16:20Effects Of Notch And Environment On High Cycle Fatigue Behavior Of A Turbine Blade Steel
Long Jin, Wei-Chang Zhang, Ming-Liang Zhu, Fu-Zhen Xuan
Lacidogna15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Giuseppe Lacidogna, J. Xu
 15:00-15:40Damage Signals Coming From Masonry Buildings: Acoustic Emission Processing And Analysis
Giuseppe Lacidogna, Amedeo Manuello, Gianni Niccolini, Alberto Carpinteri
 15:40-16:00Acoustic Emission Monitoring And Risk Assessment Of A Masonry Building Affected By Subsidence
Amedeo Manuello Bertetto, Alberto Carpinteri, Gianni Niccolini
 16:00-16:20Fracture Monitoring In Stainless Steel By Analyzing Acoustic Emissions And Infrared Thermography Signals
claudia barile, Caterina Casavola, Giovanni Pappalettera, Carmine Pappalettere
T2A215:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Reza H. Talemi
 15:00-15:20Finite Element Simulation Of Cleavage Fracture Propagation In Pipeline Steels Using Xfem-cohesive Segment Technique
Reza H. Talemi
 15:20-15:40Measurement Of Local Fracture Stress For Cleavage Crack Propagation In Steel
Fuminori Yanagimoto, Kazuki Shibanuma, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Shuji Aihara
 15:40-16:00Effect Of Microstructure On Cleavage Fracture Of Hot Stamping Martensitic Stainless Steels For Automotive Applications
Helene Godin, Guillaume Badinier, Jean-Denis Mithieux, Anne-Francoise Gourgues-Lorenzon
 16:00-16:20A Local Approach To Assess Mixed-mode Cleavage Fracture For High Strength Steels
Xudong Qian, Zefeng Zhang
T2A1215:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Jan Racek, Suyang Yu
 15:00-15:20Analysis Of The Influence Of Mixing Water Contaminated By Chemical Elements Of Coal Mining In The Concrete Properties
 15:20-15:40Turbulence Models For Cfd For The Assessment Of Wind-induced Fatigue In Large Steel Structures: A Review Of The State Of The Art
Alberto Lorenzon, Filippo Berto, Marco Antonello, Marco Colussi
 15:40-16:00Effects Of Dwell Time And Temperature On The Crack Growth In An Advanced Polycrystalline Nickel Superalloy
Suyang Yu, Sioned Llewelyn, Hangyue Li, Mark Hardy, Paul Bowen
 16:00-16:20Hydrogen Induced Fatigue Of Superelastic Niti
Jan Racek, Petr Sittner, Ludek Heller, Augustin Persoons, Jarmila Remiasova
T2B615:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Galina Lasko, Mikhail A. Tashkinov
 15:00-15:20Cohesive Zone Modelling Of Wedging Of Non-standard Ceramic Double Cantilever Beam With Chevron Notch
Galina Lasko
 15:20-15:40The Role Of The “relieving Space” In Case Marble Epistyles Are Subjected To Shear
Stavros Kourkoulis, Ermioni Pasiou
 15:40-16:00Structural Health Monitoring Of Restored Epistyles Subjected To Multipoint Bending
Stavros Kourkoulis, Ioanna Dakanali, Ermioni Pasiou, Ilias Stavrakas, Dimos Triantis
 16:00-16:20Prediction Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Composite Structures Based On Mathematical Modeling And Technologies Of Smart Materials
Mikhail A. Tashkinov, Valeriy P. Matveenko, Igor N. Shardakov, Natalia A. Kosheleva, Grigoriy S. Serovaev
 16:20-16:40Modeling And Parametric Analysis Of The Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Slabs By Composite Patches Under The Centered Punching Load
Das15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Raj Das, Chun Wang
 15:00-15:20Development Of A Coupled Multiscale Model For Prediction Of Flax Composite Failure Behaviour
Shyam Panamoottil, Raj Das, Krishnan Jayaraman
 15:20-15:40Design Of Tough, Strong And Damage-tolerant Composites By The Application Of The Material Inhomogeneity Effect
Masoud Sistaninia, Otmar Kolednik
T2B215:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Kaikai Shi, Mingjue Zhou
 15:00-15:20Model Reduction Strategy Applied To A Problem Of Crack Propagation In Anisotropic Materials
 15:20-15:40A Quasi-static Crack Propagation Simulation Based On Shape-free Hybrid Stress-function Finite Elements With Simple Remeshing
Mingjue Zhou, Weiya Jin, Yuebing Li, Xing He
 15:40-16:00Stress Intensity Factors For Penetrate Radial Cracks In Reactor Coolant Pump Flywheel By Weight Function Method
Kaikai Shi
 16:00-16:20Effects Of Point Defects On The Deformation Behaviors Of Slmos2 Nanosheets Under Tensile Loading
Hongwei Bao, Fei Ma
Besson15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: J. Besson, Amine Benzerga, Claudio Ruggieri, Andrey Jivkov
 15:00-15:20On The Ductile To Brittle Transition Of Ferritic Steel At High Loading Rates
Uwe Mayer
 15:20-15:40Predicting Ductile Fracture In Ferrous And Nonferrous Metals During Upset Forging Using An Ellipsoidal Void Model
Kazutake Komori
 15:40-16:00Integrated Material Modelling On The Crashworthiness For Automotive High-strength Steel Sheets
Junhe Lian, Wenqi Liu, Ioanna Papadioti, Sarath Chandran, Patricia Verleysen, Georg Paul, Helmut Richter, Nikolaos Aravas, Sebastian Münstermann
 16:00-16:20Cleavage Fracture Toughness With Microstructure-informed Statistically Representative Volume Models
Andrey Jivkov, Peter James
Liu15:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Bin Liu, Shaohua Chen, Xue Feng
 15:00-15:20Effects Of Different Interfacial Morphology With The Same Roughness On The Fracture Of Thermal Barrier Coatings
Qingmin Yu
 15:20-15:40Measurement And Characterization Of Crack Tip Deformation In Superalloy At High Temperature
Zhe Qu, Xue Feng
 15:40-16:00Mechanics Of Microstructured Semiflexible Polymers Under Confinements
Jizeng Wang, Ming Li
 16:00-16:20Effects Of Fiber Surface Topography On The Interfacial Debonding And Toughness Of Carbon/epoxy Composites
Yin Yao
 16:20-16:40Fingering In Highly Heterogeneous Brittle Interfaces
Veronique Lazarus, Manish Vasoya, Laurent Ponson
T2B1115:00-16:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: Jun Chen, Alexander Mayer
 15:00-15:20From Liquid Breakup To Solid Fragmentation
Stefan Kooij
 15:20-15:40Atomistic And Continuum Study Of The Dynamic Tensile Fracture Of Metals
Alexander Mayer, Vasilij Krasnikov, Dmitriy Voronin
 15:40-16:00Shielding Gas And Oxide Content Effects On Impact Properties Of 410nimo Steel Weldments
bouchra tenni
 16:00-16:20Loading Rate Effect On The Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Of Carbon/epoxy
Huifang Liu, Chao Zhang, Yulong Li
 16:20-16:40Numerical Simulation Study On Adiabatic Shear Banding Of Metal Under Shock Loading
Jun Chen

THURSDAY, 22 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
Cusatis17:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Gianluca Cusatis,Mohammed Alnaggar, Roman Wendner, Giovanni Di Luzio
 17:00-17:20Tertiary Creep In Concrete
Ioannis Boumakis
 17:20-17:40Effect Of Alkali Silica Reaction On Aging Mortar Bars
Madura Pathirage, Faysal Bousikhane, Kaijing Luo, Matthew D' Ambrosia, Mohammed Alnaggar, Gianluca Cusatis
 17:40-18:00Permeability Study Of Regular And Self-healing Concrete Subjected To Cracking
Faysal Bousikhane, Kaijing Luo, Madura Pathirage
 18:00-18:20Gradient Based Fields For Ldpm And Fracture Properties Of Classical Experiments
Roman Wendner, Jan Vorel, Jan Podrouzek, Marco Marcon
 18:20-18:40Aging Framework For Low And Normal Strength Concretes
Roman Wendner, Lisa-Marie Czernuschka, Ioannis Boumakis, Lin Wan, Gianluca Cusatis
Rajapakse17:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Yapa Rajapakse, Roberta Massabo, Sergio Abrate
 17:00-17:20Failure Of Sandwich Materials And Structures
 17:20-17:40Failure Analysis Of Composite Multilayered Plates Under Low-velocity Impact: A Comparison Of The Predictive Capabilities Of Some Failure Criteria
Marco Gherlone, Serge Abrate, Marco Di Sciuva
 17:40-18:00Cohesive Fracture Of Laminated And Sandwich Beams
Hossein Darban, Roberta Massabo
 18:00-18:20The Effects Of Shear On The Fracture Parameters Of Face/core Debonds In Sandwich Beams
Roberta Massabo, Christian Berggreen, Luca Barbieri
 18:20-18:40Full-scale Blast Testing Of Composite Sandwich Structures With Novel Skin And Core Constructions
John P. Dear
 18:40-19:00Non-invasive Damage Diagnostics For Carbon Fiber Composites And Sandwich Structures Subjected To Impact Loading
Dayakar Penumadu
T2A817:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Keith Tarnowski, Ehab Hamed
 17:00-17:20Experimental Determination Of C* Using A Hot Unload And A Modified Reference Stress Method
Keith Tarnowski, Catrin Davies, David Dean, Kamran Nikbin
 17:20-17:40Influence Of Creep On The Edge Debonding Of Frp Strengthened Concrete Beams – A Fracture Mechanics Approach
Ehab Hamed
 17:40-18:00Effects Of Weld-parent Creep Properties Mismatch On Creep Stress Relaxation Of Welded Components Of 316h Steels
Satyajit Dey, Christopher Truman, David Knowles
 18:00-18:20An Experimental Study Of High-temperature Fracture And Strain Localization Time Of Aluminum Specimens With Circular Or Rectangular Cross-section Under Creep Conditions
Walentin Teraud
 18:20-18:40Characterization Of Dislocation Evolution During Elevated-temperature Creep Of 9cr-1mo Steel
Xinbao Liu
T2B1117:00-19:00 Evening SessionChair: Lixin Dong, Eugene Zaretsky
 17:00-17:20Fracture Surface Analysis And Crystallograpic Orientation In Instrumented Charpy Impact Tested Samples
Hudison L. Haskel, Juliana de Paula Martins, Andre Luis M. Carvalho
 17:20-17:40Investigation On The Spallation Mechanism Of Ti17 Alloy By Laser Peening With Square Spot
Junfeng Wu , Shikun Zou , Shuili Gong
 17:40-18:00Dynamic Tensile Strength Of Selective Laser Melted (slm) Alsi10mg Alloy
Eugene Zaretsky, Adin Stern, Nahum Frage
 18:00-18:20New Double-k Criterion For Crack Propagation In Quasi-brittle Fracture Under Moderate Dynamic Loading
Lixin Dong, Shilang Xu
 18:20-18:40Quasi-static And Dynamic Failure Analysis Of Triaxially Braided Composite
Zhenqiang Zhao, Chao Zhang, Yulong Li

THURSDAY, 22 JUNE 2017 - Late Afternoon Session
Narasimhan15:00-18:40 Late Afternoon SessionChair: R. Narasimhan, K.Ravi Chandar, Shailendra Joshi
 15:00-15:40What Can Atomistic Modeling Contribute To The Understanding Of Fracture?
William A. Curtin
 15:40-16:00A Micromechanical Study Of Ductile Damage In A Finite Element Framework With Advanced Meshing Capabilities
Victor Trejo, Modesar Shakoor, Marc Bernacki, Pierre-Olivier Bouchard
 16:00-16:20Strain Localisation Analyses Of Generic Fcc Textures Using A Three Dimensional Imperfection Band Model
Lars Edvard Bryhni Daehli, Tore Borvik, David Morin, Odd Sture Hopperstad
 16:20-16:40Ductile Mechanisms Of Metals Containing Pre-existing Nanovoids
Kai Zhao, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang

THURSDAY, 22 JUNE 2017 - Evening Session
Narasimhan17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: R. Narasimhan, K.Ravi Chandar, Shailendra Joshi
 17:00-17:40On The Deformation And Failure Of Al 6061-t6 Evaluated Through In Situ Microscopy
Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar, Andrew Gross
 17:40-18:00Predicting Crack Propagation And Creep Fracture
Juha Koivisto, Markus Ovaska, Amandine Miksic, Lasse Laurson, Mikko Alava
 18:00-18:20Computational Modeling Of Strain Localization And Fracture Using Microstructural Information
Konstantinos Baxevanakis, Antonios Kontsos
 18:20-18:40On The Fracture Toughness Of Bulk Metallic Glasses
Bernd Gludovatz, Jamie J. Kruzic, Robert O. Ritchie
Lacidogna17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Nathalie Godin, O. Plekhov
 17:00-17:40Contribution Of Ae Signal's Analysis In Order To Evaluate Lifetime Of Ceramic Matrix Composites
Nathalie Godin, Pascal Reynaud, Gilbert Fantozzi, Mohamed R'Mili
 17:40-18:00Acoustic Emission Detection Of Damage Induced By Simulated Environmental Conditioning In Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
Dionysios Mouzakis, Dimitrios Dimogianopoulos
 18:00-18:20Synchronization Of The Statistical Properties Of Continuous Acoustic Emission At Failure Of Heterogeneous Media
Ivan Panteleev, Oleg Plekhov, Oleg Naimark
 18:20-18:40Acoustic Emission Signal Processing And Analysis For Fracture Monitoring
Alexei Vinogradov, Eraldo Pomponi
T2A217:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Raghuveer Gaddam
 17:00-17:20Review Of Crack Arrest Theory, Techniques And Applications On Fracture Mechanics
Jessica Taylor
 17:20-17:40Microstructure-informed Modeling Of Cleavage Fracture
Jinshan He, Junhe Lian, Sebastian Münstermann
 17:40-18:00Fracture Behavior Of Super Duplex Stainless Steel
Raghuveer Gaddam, Guocai Chai, Peter Stenvall
T2A1217:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: James Burns, Hiroyuki OGUMA
 17:00-17:20The Effect Of High Altitude Environments On The Dislocation Structure Evolution During Fatigue Cracking Of Aerospace Aluminum
James Burns
 17:20-17:40Experimental Investigation On The Formation Mechanism Of Distinctive Fracture Surface In Sub-surface Fracture
Hiroyuki OGUMA
 17:40-18:00Fatigue Behavior Of 316l Austenitic Steel In Air And Lwr Environment With And Without Mean Stress
Wen Chen, Philippe Spaetig, Hans-Peter Seifert
 17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair:
 17:00-18:00Workshop - Get Your Paper Published: Wiley Introduction To Publishing For Early Career Researchers
Pippa Cox
T2B217:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Deryugin Yevgeny, Huadong Yong
 17:00-17:20Synergistic Effect Of Electromagnetic Force On Fracture Behavior Of Pre-cracked Thin Metallic Structures
Deepak Sharma
 17:20-17:40Analytical And Numerical Investigation Of Fracture Toughness Of Small-size Chevron-notched Specimens
Deryugin Yevgeny
 17:40-18:00Role Of Stress-state On Mode-i Fracture Of Adhesive Bonded Joints
Shravan Kumar Remma, Dr. Anuradha Banerjee
 18:00-18:20Numerical Analysis Of The Fracture Behavior In Superconductor Under High Electromagnetic Force
Huadong Yong, Hao Chen
Liu17:00-18:40 Evening SessionChair: Bin Liu, Shaohua Chen, Xue Feng
 17:00-17:20Fatigue Delamination Growth Behavior Of Cfrp Multidirectional Laminates
Libin Zhao , Yu Gong, Jianyu Zhang
 17:20-17:40Analyzation Of Stresses In Flexible And Stretchable Electronic Devices
 17:40-18:00Failure Mechanisms Of Low Velocity Impact For Composite Scarf Repair
Fei Xu, Bin Liu
 18:00-18:20Investigation On The Interfacial Delamination In Air Plasma Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coatings
Xueling Fan, Tiejun Wang

THURSDAY, 22 JUNE 2017 - Early Afternoon Session
T2B1112:00-14:00 Early Afternoon SessionChair: Alexander Mayer, Koji Uenishi
 12:00-12:20On Three-dimensional Wave And Crack Propagation In Brittle Solids
Koji Uenishi
 12:20-12:40Reliability Design Of The Hinge Kit System (hks) In A Commercial Kimchi Refrigerator Subjected To Repetitive Impact Loading
Seongwoo Woo
 12:40-13:00The Effect Of Strain Rate On The Tensile Behaviour Of High Strength Steel
Aderinkola Alabi, Philippa Moore, Luiz Wrobel, Weihong He, Mark Tinkler
 13:00-13:20Mechanical Behavior Of An Hybrid Woven Kevlar-flax/epoxy Composite
 13:20-13:40Measurement Of Dynamic Fracture Energy Of Concrete Under High Strain Rates
Victor Rey de Pedraza, Francisco Galvez, David Cendon
 13:40-14:00Complete And Incomplete Fracture Of Metal Melts At Dynamic Tension
Polina Mayer, Alexander Mayer

FRIDAY, 23 JUNE 2017 - Morning Session
Narasimhan9:00-10:40 Morning SessionChair: R. Narasimhan, K.Ravi Chandar, Shailendra Joshi
 09:00-09:20Strain And Damage Interactions During Ductile Tearing: In Situ 3d Experiments
Thilo Morgeneyer, Thibault Taillandier-Thomas , Ante Buljac, Lukas Helfen, Francois Hild
 09:20-09:40Deformation And Damage Of Aluminum Thin Sheets Simulated With A Portevin–le Chatelier Model
Sicong Ren, Thilo Morgeneyer, Samuel Forest, Matthieu Maziere, Gilles Rousselier
 09:40-10:00Ductile Fracture Of Mg Alloys: Shear Banding Versus Void Coalescence
Babak Kondori, Nithin Thomas, Amine Benzerga
 10:00-10:20Indicators Of Ductility With Application To Heterogeneous Mo-si-b Alloys
Kyle Brindley, Richard Neu
 10:20-10:40Diffraction And Attenuation X Ray Imaging Of Ductile Damage
Sylvain Dancette, Eric Maire, Christophe Le Bourlot, Wolfgang Ludwig
Iacoviello9:00-10:40 Morning SessionChair: Donato Firrao, Francesco Iacoviello
 09:00-09:20Exploring Damaging Mechanisms And Link To Casting Process Of Heavy-walled Dci By Means Of Ct
Matteo Cova
 09:20-09:40A Survey On Micromechanical Modelling Strategies For Simulating Fracture In Nodular Cast Iron
Meinhard Kuna, Geralf Huetter, Lutz Zybell
 09:40-10:00Pearlitic Ductile Cast Iron: Damaging Micromechanisms At -40°c
Vittorio Di Cocco, Francesco Iacoviello, Laura D'Agostino
 10:00-10:20Characterization Of Solution Strengthened Ferritic Ductile Irons Critical Radius  based On Sed Approach.
Thomas Borsato, Paolo Ferro, Filippo Berto
T2C129:00-10:40 Morning SessionChair: DAIANE GODINHO, Shengwang Hao
 09:00-09:20Influence Of Thermal Cure By Immersion In Mechanical Properties Of Concrete
 09:20-09:40Investigating The Tensile Fracture Behaviour Of A Middle Strength Rock: Experimental Tests And Numerical Models
Aria Mardalizad, Andrea Manes, Marco Giglio
 09:40-10:00Macro And Microstructural Analysis Of The Concrete Reinforced With Polypropylene Fibers Submitted To High Temperatures
Andreia Vieira, Daiane Godinho, Elaine Antunes, Marcio Vito, ALEXANDRE VARGAS
 10:00-10:20Scaling Law Describing Creep Failure And Its Potential For Failure Prediction
Hang Yang, Guojun Du, Fuqing Chang, Shengwang Hao
Alexandrov9:00-10:40 Morning SessionChair: Sergei Alexandrov, Kenichi Manabe
 09:00-09:20Failures In Micro Cross-shaped Tube Hydroforming Process
Ken-ichi Manabe, Marko Vilotic, Kenta Itai, Kazuo Tada
 09:20-09:40Fracture In The Vicinity Of Frictional Interfaces In Metal Forming
Sergei Alexandrov, Dejan Movrin
 09:40-10:00Assessment Of Residual Stress Distribution Of Sequential Welding And Machining Process By Consecutive Finite Element Analysis
 10:00-10:20Gradient-layer Surfacing Technology Of Large-scale Forging Die's Manufacturing For Hard-to-deform Materials Formed On 800mn Hydraulic Press
Jiansheng Zhang, Jie Zhou
Zhang9:00-10:40 Morning SessionChair: Tong-Yi Zhang, Jiangyu Li, Junqian Zhang, Kaiyang Zeng, Sheng Sun
 09:00-09:20Design Criteria For Limiting Fracture In Anodes For Li-ion Batteries
Katerina Aifantis
 09:20-09:40Delamination In Electrodes Of Lithium Ion Batteries
Junqian Zhang, Bo Lu
 09:40-10:00Energy Harvesting Based On Flexoelectricity
Shengping Shen, Qian Deng, Xu Liang
 10:00-10:20Charge- And Thickness-dependent Inplane Deformation Of Multilayer Graphene Thin Films
Sheng Sun, Tongyi Zhang
 10:20-10:40Effect Of Strain On The Thermoelectrical Properties Of Phosphorene
Yong-Wei ZHANG, Yongqing CAI, Zhun-Yong Ong, Gang ZHANG
Lacidogna9:00-10:40 Morning SessionChair: Ludmila Botvina, Antonios Kontsos
 09:00-09:40On The Connection Between Residual Strength And Durability Of Cyclically Deformed Steels And Physical Properties
Ludmila Botvina, Marat Tyutin, Tatjana Petersen, Aleksey Soldatenkov, Yulia Demina, Victor Levin
 09:40-10:00Acoustic Emission As A Tool For Fracture Monitoring
Antonios Kontsos
 10:00-10:20The Study Of Crack Propagation In Metals Under Fatigue Using Analysis Of Heat Dissipation And Acoustic Emission Data
Anastasiia Iziumova, Aleksey Vshivkov, Ivan Panteleev, Oleg Plekhov, Artem Ilinykh, Valerii Wildemann

FRIDAY, 23 JUNE 2017 - Late Morning Session
Narasimhan11:00-12:40 Late Morning SessionChair: R. Narasimhan, K.Ravi Chandar, Shailendra Joshi
 11:00-11:20Assessing Ductile Rupture Predictions Through The Sandia Fracture Challenges
Brad Boyce
 11:20-11:40Prediction Of Grain Boundary Stress Fields Induced By Slip Band Impingement. Application To Gb Microcrack Prediction.
Maxime SAUZAY, Mohamed Ould Moussa, Jerome Hazan
 11:40-12:00Shear Fracture Of Advanced High Strength Steels: Laminography Experiments And Computational Analysis
Christian C. Roth, Thilo Morgeneyer, Dirk Mohr
 12:00-12:20Predicting Size-dependent Fracture Strain Of Dp980 Steels
Xin Sun, Guang Chend, Xiaohua Hu, Kyoo Sil Choi
Iacoviello11:00-12:40 Late Morning SessionChair: Donato Firrao, Francesco Iacoviello
 11:00-11:20Determination Of Dynamic Fracture Toughness Of Ductile Cast Iron (dci)
Peter Trubitz, Annette Ludwig, Gerhard Pusch, Lutz Krueger
 11:20-11:40Experimental Determination And Analysis Of Dynamic Fracture Toughness Data Of Ductile Cast Iron
Wolfram Baer, Peter Wossidlo
 11:00-12:40 Late Morning SessionChair:
T2C1211:00-12:40 Late Morning SessionChair: Rafael Schouwenaars, Mitsuharu Shiwa
 11:00-11:20A Theoretical Approach To The Damage Propagation And Failure Of Large-diameter Pre-stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipelines.
Rafael Schouwenaars, Victor Hugo Jacobo, Ignacio Cueva, Efrain Ramos, Armando Ortiz
 11:20-11:40Fracture Process Evaluation Of Concrete Slab During Fatigue Testing By Using Acoustic Emission And Optical Fiber Strain Measurement
Mitsuharu Shiwa , Zhengwang Li, Takuya Maeshima, Yasuhiro Koda, Yasushi Tanaka
 11:40-12:00Effect Of The Addition Of Polypropylene Fibers In The Resistance Of Adherence To The Traction In Coating Mortar
Bruna Tiscoski, Elaine Antunes, Marcio Vito, Daiane Godinho, Alexandre Vargas
 12:00-12:20Statistical Organization Of Crackling Noise Induced By The Slow Propagation Of A Single Crack In A Heterogeneous Solid
Daniel Bonamy, Jonathan Bares, Alizee Dubois, Lamine Hattali, Davy Dalmas
Ayatollahi11:00-12:40 Late Morning SessionChair: Majid Ayatollahi, Filippo Berto
 11:00-11:20Mixed Mode Brittle Fracture In A White Marble—an Experimental Study Using Specimens Cut From Circular Samples
Majid R. Ayatollahi, M. Rashidi Moghaddam, Filippo Berto
 11:20-11:40Numerical Analysis Of Mixed-mode Fatigue Crack Growth Under Biaxial Loading Using An Iterative Method
Majid R. Ayatollahi, M.J. Razavi, Filippo Berto
 11:40-12:00Influence Of Higher-order Terms Of The Williams Expansion On The Crack-tip Stress Field For Mixed-mode Loadings: Asymptotic Solutions And Interference-optical Methods Of Solid Mechanics
Larisa Stepanova
 12:00-12:20Averaged Strain Energy Density Estimated Rapidly From The Singular Peak Stresses By Fem Under (i+ii) And (i+iii) Mixed Mode Conditions
Alberto Campagnolo, Giovanni Meneghetti, Filippo Berto
Zhang11:00-12:40 Late Morning SessionChair: Tong-Yi Zhang, Jiangyu Li, Junqian Zhang, Kaiyang Zeng, Sheng Sun
 11:00-11:20Surface Eigenstress And Size-dependent Ultimate Tensile Strength Of Thin Films
Tongyi Zhang
 11:20-11:40Analytical Model On Lithation-induced Interfacial Debonding Of An Active Layer From A Rigid Substrate
Yanfei Zhao
 11:40-12:00Tuning The Band Gap And Polarization In Basno3/srsno3superlattices For Photovoltaic Applications
Yajun Zhang, Jie Wang
 12:00-12:20Computational Analysis Of Chemomechanical Behaviors Of Composite Electrodes In Li-ion Batteries
Rong Xu, Luize Vasconcelos , Kejie Zhao
Lacidogna11:00-12:40 Late Morning SessionChair: Stefano Invernizzi, D. E . Mouzakis
 11:00-11:20Experimental Analysis Of Ultrasound Vibrations Induced In Solids
Stefano Invernizzi, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Bartolomeo Montrucchio, Federico Accornero, Alberto Carpinteri
 11:20-11:40Log-periodic Behavior Of Fracture-induced Electromagnetic Emissions In The Laboratory And The Geophysical Scale
Stelios Potirakis, Dimitrios Mastrogiannis
 11:40-12:00Application Of Acoustic Emission Monitoring And Signal Analysis To The Qualitative And Quantitative Characterization Of The Fracture Process In Rocks
Patricia Rodriguez
 12:00-12:20Influence Of Mechanical Instabilities On Acoustic Emission Signal Processing For Natural Materials In Compression
Federico Accornero, Giuseppe Lacidogna, Alberto Carpinteri

FRIDAY, 23 JUNE 2017 - Morning Session
Firrao9:00-11:00 Morning SessionChair: Donato Firrao
 09:00-09:20Statistical Tools Of Quantitative Fractography: How To Measure The Fracture Toughness From The Morphology Of Fracture Surfaces
Laurent Ponson
 09:20-09:40A Micromechanical Model For Failure Analysis Of Pearlitic Steels
Donato Firrao, Roberto Doglione, Paolo Matteis, Stefano Rossi, Raffaella Sesana
 09:40-10:00Introduction Of Effort About Construction For Fractography Database In Japan
Kenta Yamagiwa
 10:00-10:20Two Major Aircraft Failure Investigations Deriving From Manufacturers' Problems
 10:20-10:40Analysis Of The In-service Failure Of A Lifting Platform Used For Tree Pruning
Jesus Toribio, Viktor Kharin, Javier Ayaso, Beatriz Gonzalez, Juan-Carlos Matos, Diego Vergara, Miguel Lorenzo
 10:40-11:00Crack Analysis Of Blades On Turbine Blisks
Yuhuai HE


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