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Abstract Submission Deadline:  31 October 2016

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- Be sure to fill in all the information requested on the ICF14 Conference Registration Form and after you get the confirmation email use Abstract Submission form to upload your file to the system.

- Your abstract should be exactly 2 pages (in MSword format). Abstracts shorter or longer than 2 pages will not be accepted.

Download here, instructions/format for writing the abstract

- Please submit your file in the correct format. The system accepts only .docx files.


- Login to the system and click submit button for abstract upload. Follow the steps to upload your paper. You can view the uploaded file using "View File" link in the Submission System.- If you have submitted ONE (1) Abstract and you want to submit another you will need to register again to the system. The system will provide you second ID that  will be used for the submission. Make sure in the registration form Comments to write "This is my Second Abstract". The same procedure must be followed if you want to submit more than TWO (2) abstracts.