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Welcome to this ICF14 website. The Council of ICF decided in July 2009 in Ottawa, Canada at ICF12 that the Fourteenth Quadrennial Conference of ICF (ICF14) would be held on the island of Rhodes, Greece June 18-23 2017 with Emmanuel Gdoutos as the ICF14 Executive Chairman and David Taplin as the ICF14 International Steering Committee Chairman.

IICF14 is hosted in Greece by the Greek Group on Fracture (GGF) and included in this website is the ICF14 Bid Document along with the ICF/ICF14 Memorandum of Understanding outlining the terms of this agreement between ICF and GGF.
This was designed from the outset as an Greek-Anglo bid and in that context the ICF14 Technical Programme Chairman is James Marrow of Oxford University and Maria Konsta-Gdoutos of Democritus University of Thrace. As well it was decided to invite Germany to be closely involved in the organisation of ICF14 and in this regard DVM, Berlin will recommend an ICF14 Industrial Programme Chairman.

However this conference is also viewed as a Pan-European ICF quadrennial involving all the countries of Europe through various sister and national organisations in Europe. We also hope for a strong contribution from ASTM International in the USA as well as all the 50+ nations who are part of ICF.

ICF14 follows ICF13 which is being hosted by CSTAM (Chinese Society of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics) in Beijing at the famous Olympic village, China June 16-21 2013. The website for ICF13 is www.ICF13.org. Much of the information on ICF can be found on the ICF website www.icfweb.org including full access to all the ICF Quadrennial Proceedings, the Stautes & Bye-Laws and a historical section.

The overall reach of ICF has developed very widely and will develop even more at both ICF13 and ICF14. The challenges of increasingly complex systems and structures have made a comprehensive "Structural Integrity" approach more and more evident and essential in many realms of science, engineering, technology and industry - from nano to meso and mega scales, from the development of physics based models to systems modelling. The overall mission is to concentrate on the demands of the future to find solutions for enhancing safety, reliability, durability and functionality of materials, components and systems. This is best accomplished through a multi-disciplinary approach and cooperation in new and imaginative ways between basic research and industrial application with scientists, engineers and others uniting in this challenge. This involves enhanced diversity in scientific, technical, educational, social, political as well as historical aspects creating thereby unique synergistic solutions for the common good. Our "Academy" has some fifty years experience as a leader in this field through a community with a global reach in over 50 countries, ever expanding.

We are excited about the new directions of ICF and look forward to your advice and recommendations regarding ICF14 and to seeing you on the beautiful and historic island of Rhodes in June 2017.

David Taplin, ICF14 Chairman of the International Steering Committee